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Jonathon Gordon

The Great Depression - 2 views

  • Numbers soon proved the optimists incorrect. The depression steadily worsened. By spring of 1933, when FDR took the oath of office, unemployment had risen from 8 to 15 million (roughly 1/3 of the non-farmer workforce) and the gross national product had decreased from $103.8 billion to $55.7 billion. Forty percent of the farms in Mississippi were on the auction block on FDR's inauguration day.
    • Jonathon Gordon
      To the right is a great picture provided by the FDR Library showing the struggles of families who suffered from the dust bowl. Extremely useful in any classroom application on this subject. 
  • Many sank into despair and shame after they could not find jobs. The suicide rates increased from 14 to 17 per 100,000. Protest that did occur was local, not national: "farm holidays," neighbors of foreclosed farmers refusing to bid on farms at auction, neighbors moving evicted tenants' furniture back in, and local hunger marches.
    • Jonathon Gordon
      The site uses archived information from the Franklin and Eleanor national Libraries. 
    This website provided by the National Parks Service provides information on the Great Depression. It has great photos that would supplement any lesson plan on the subject of the great depression, the grapes of wrath, or the dust bowl. 
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