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Jonathon Gordon

PBS Teachers | Resources For The Classroom - 1 views

    • David Loudon
      You can select different time periods/themes to search through. The four most prominent sections are Civics, World History, U.S. History and Cultural Studies.
    • David Loudon
      The problem with this site is that the links they provide are not often scholarly, and as such aren't as reliable as other sources may be.
    • Source: NOVA Article/Essay

      Discover the story of how Dale Larson saved 29 schoolchildren during a 1928 tornado in Thurston County, Nebraska. Imagine how the events of that tornado would have been different with the current advances in severe weather warning systems. Details »

      • Tags:
      • 6-8,
      • 9-12,
      • Science & Tech,
      • Social Studies,
      • Geology & Natural Disasters,
      • Meteorology,
      • Historical Perspective
    • Jonathon Gordon
      Searching on this site is extremely easy. By using tags similar to DIIGO, teachers can search for exact lessons or ideas to improve lessons. 
  • the.News: Woody Biomass - Nebraska

    Source: PBS NewsHour Resource Set

    Analyze the use of woody biomass as a fuel. Understand the carbon cycle, calculate your carbon footprint and formulate a policy position on using woody biomass to produce energy. Details »

      • Jonathon Gordon
        Classroom resources are not limited to just lesson plans, they also include on/offline activities for students; grade level specific in all cases. 
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      • Jonathon Gordon
        The sources from this site come from various PBS programs including "American Experience", "PBS Newshour", and "NOVA". 
      • Jonathon Gordon
        This is a great website for teachers. It is a credible source of information with multiple options for improving lessons plans. 
      This website is provided by PBS for teachers to use to help with different classroom applications. It offers teachers the ability get classroom resources, start discussion boards with other educators, and professional development tools. 
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