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Laura Wood

Virtual Jamestown - 0 views

  • Newest Timelines
    • Laura Wood
      Has timelines arranged around the following:
      "a) Jamestown in the Global Context
      b) Journey to Jamestown - the Voyage of the Susan Constant and the first 90 days at the fort
      c) Jamestown, 1606-1608
      d) Virginia, 1608-1612
      e) New England, 1602-1620"
    • Laura Wood
      Includes contemporary interviews with Native American descendants of Jamestown as well as maps of the Native American towns that predated Jamestown in this area. Also contains a Google Earth map based on the original drawings of John Smith.

      "Dr. Julie Solometo researched and organized the entry on the Paspahegh Indians. What the English called Jamestown, the Indians called Paspahegh territory.. Interviews and videotaping of contemporary Indians was done by Phyannon Berkowitz, Jeffery Dalton, and Crandall Shifflett."
    • Laura Wood
      From the Site:
      "Letters and first-hand accounts allow us to see seventeenth-century society as no other record can.
      . . .
      They are best approached with the questions: what are the authors trying to tell us and what are their agendas? These materials do give us a sense of the contingencies, uncertainties,and dilemmas that surrounded choices and when read critically should lead to a better understanding of what factors shaped individual decisions.

      newspapers A full-text searchable database (XML) gives us a powerful tool for tracing and comparing topics, ideas, concepts, motivations, and much more from vantage points of time, space, power, authority, race, class, gender, and ethnicity"
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  • Teaching Materials
    • Laura Wood
      LESSON PLANS!!!!

      Some of these are even in our exact format!!!
      All are on Jamestown. Lots about runaway slaves and indentured servants, some on Native American relationships.
      Most make use of primary documents.

      Check em out! :-)
    • Laura Wood

      Okay so sort of hard to read but here is a map based on John Smith's records. It's interesting to note how the water lines have changed. hmmmmm.
    From the website: "The Virtual Jamestown Archive is a digital research, teaching and learning project that explores the legacies of the Jamestown settlement and "the Virginia experiment." As a work in progress, Virtual Jamestown aims to shape the national dialogue on the occasion of the four hundred-year anniversary observance in 2007 of the founding of the Jamestown colony."
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