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Natalie Lafferty

The sketchnote revolution - 0 views

    Sketchnotes are a visual form of note-taking that can include drawings, various lettering sizes and styles, color, icons, arrows, boxes and more - whatever works for you.
Augustine Paz

Bill Strickland makes change with a slide show - 1 views

    Bill Strickland embodies what I consider a social artist. His ability to see the beauty in people and his drive to create environments for work and play to highlight, frame and enhance that beauty leaves me with the same thought-provoking and inspiring sense of truth that comes from art.
Brent MacKinnon

Training - Duarte - 0 views

    I learn so much about story telling and presentations from Nancy Duarte. Her company and team is leading the field in transforming organizations and individuals.
Brent MacKinnon

Gapingvoid | "Hugh MacLeod" Cartoons drawn on the back of business cards - 0 views

    Hugh MacLeod is a cartoonist that shakes the way I see the world. He brings a smile and a sense of wonder to how people live, work and play. A fun social artist that transforms my thinking and practice.
Barbara Ganley

Essential Skills for 21st Century Survival: Part 6: Storytelling - 1 views

    This is part 6 in a 12 part series. The first five skills were Pattern Recognition, Environmental Scanning, Network Weaving, Foresight, and Conscious Awareness.
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