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  • Phil Taylor

    Phil Taylor

    ICT Teacher/Dept. Head of Learning Technologies, St. John's-Ravenscourt School, Winnipeg, MB, Canada Opinions are my own

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  • Joseph Magdalene

    Joseph Magdalene

    Joseph Magdalene offers free guidelines on how to write resume and how to use resume templates. Browse sample resumes, free resume templates, and resume writing services.

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    member since 2012-02-02

  • Matt Henderson

    Matt Henderson

    I teach Grade 9-12 Social Studies at St. John's-Ravenscourt in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I am passionate about project-based learning that focuses on social justice issues and sustainable development.

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  • Certificate IV Assessment

    Certificate IV Assessment

    ATS have been training Australians and Australian business for over ten years. With over 90 nationally recognised training qualifications we are well placed to help you get ahead in your career or boost your business with workplace training.

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  • Sherri Burroughs

    Sherri Burroughs

    Senior School Mathematics Teacher (teaching Grade 8 through to AP Calculus AB) I love using the SMART Board and Moodle for my classes.

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  • Child Therapy

    Child Therapy

    Our practitioners offer one to one sessions and workshops to children, teenagers, parents and teachers using a combination of therapy and coaching techniques. We have a practitioner local to you who is an expert at teaching strategies to young people, enabling them to manage their emotions, overco...

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  • sdiwc conferences

    sdiwc conferences

    Devoted to promoting science and technology in digital technology. SDIWC organizes multidisciplinary conferences for academics and professionals, primarily in the fields of computer software and hardware, networking, and wireless communication. SDIWC holds conferences in both the industrialized an...

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  • Dan Sherman

    Dan Sherman

    I represent TenMarks, a company passionate for K12 education, and on a mission to build a stronger foundation and a stronger future for all children.

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  • Kelly Thomas

    Kelly Thomas

    I am currently taking courses at the University of Northern Iowa to get my Elementary Education degree.

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  • Alexina White

    Alexina White

    Hi to all My name is Alxina White. I am a student of high School and i like to surf on internet for finding some useful and knowledgebale informations.

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