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Phil Taylor

The dumbest generation? No, Twitter is making kids smarter - The Globe and Mail - 1 views

  • The only way to tell whether kids today are really less coherent or literate than their great-grandparents is to compare student writing across the past century
  • Over the past century, the freshman composition papers had exploded in length and intellectual complexity.
  • Prof. Lunsford’s research has found, 40 per cent of all writing is done outside the classroom – it’s “life writing,” stuff students do socially, or just for fun.
Phil Taylor

Social Media Archives - Edudemic - 0 views

    Great links to various uses of Social Media in Education
Phil Taylor

Again: Relevance, why Twitter? SmartBlogs - 0 views

  • If Twitter is not for all educators, what applications or methods are they using to maintain relevance?
  • TWITTER. It might be the quickest and best method to acquire and maintain the relevance necessary to be an effective educator.
Phil Taylor

Donald Clark Plan B: More pedagogic change in 10 years than last 1000 years - all drive... - 0 views

  • he internet is a pedagogic engine, changing and shaping the way we learn. In this sense, we’ve had more pedagogic change in the last 10 years than in the last 1000 years – all driven by innovation in technology.
  • 1. Asynchronous – the new default
  • 2. Links – free from tyranny of linear learning
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • 3. Search and rescue
  • 4. Wikipedia and death of the expert
  • 5. Facebook and friends
  • 6. Twitter, texting and posting
  • 7. Youtube – less is more and ‘knowing how’
    YouTube has changed the way we use video in learning for ever.
  • 8. Games
    Games have brought the proven sophistication of flight simulation into our homes and shown that failure (abhorred in traditional teaching) is the key to learning.
  • 9. Tools
    This is not often recognised but the word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tools have effected a considerable change on pedagogy.
  • 10. Open source
  • Conclusion
    These are ground breaking shifts in the way we learn. Unfortunately, they’re not matched by the way we teach. The growing gap between teaching practice and learning practice is acute and growing.
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