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Phil Taylor

What If School Was More Like Twitter? « My Island View - 0 views

  • What If School Was More Like Twitter?
  • bulk of the information exchange available on Twitter for instance comes in the form of links, or URL’s, which are internet addresses to pages of information.
  • Twitter offers us is the ability to respond to ideas and have a general discussion about those responses.
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  • Reflection is very big on Twitter
  • Twitter offers a great deal of variety in opinion
  • A big, big Twitter plus is the access educators have to education experts.
  • gateway to many free online webinars and online conference
  • On Twitter there are constant discussions and references to pedagogy and methodology in education
  • Twitter is only one source for teachers to connect. It is the easiest to use, and the hardest to understand. Teachers need to get started connecting to other teachers
Phil Taylor

Five misconceptions about twitter caused by poor media reporting | Book Mark Lee - 0 views

  • This post started life as the second part of an item intended to explain twitter to novices.  In that piece I  suggested that the first thing to note is that twitter is an information resource.
  • Different people use twitter in different ways.
Phil Taylor

The 21st Century Principal: How to Become a Connected Educator: Developing an Effective... - 2 views

  • It is an excellent manual for administrators too, who want to transform educational practice in their schools or districts to capitalizes on 21st century technologies.
Phil Taylor

The 21st Century Teacher - 1 views

  • When students were succeeding in school with no technology, we were also living in a world with little technology, and preparing students for life in a world where technology wasn't a part of their daily lives.  
  • Technology is no substitute for an inspiring teacher. However, on-line materials are far more available. Twenty times more.
  • Because the students have access to the same tools over the web, they can reinforce the ideas by experimenting with the simulations themselves, any time, any where.
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  • Instead of teaching (push), students can be given projects that require them to learn (pull) the necessary material themselves.
  • A vital skill in the new digital world is the ability to work collaboratively on projects with others who may not be physically close.
  • The worldview of the student can be expanded because of the zero cost of communicating with other people around the globe.
  • Students are, of course, all different.
  • To cash in this benefit, schools need to go paperless.
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