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Phil Taylor

Do Students Know Enough Smart Learning Strategies? | MindShift - 1 views

  • Teaching students good learning strategies would ensure that they know how to acquire new knowledge
  • Students who use appropriate strategies to understand and remember what they read, such as underlining important parts of the texts or discussing what they read with other people, perform at least 73 points higher in the PISA assessment—that is, one full proficiency level or nearly two full school years
  • Students can assess their own awareness by asking themselves which of the following learning strategies they regularly use (the response to each item is ideally “yes”):
Phil Taylor

Strategies for Embedding Project-Based Learning into STEM Education by Thom Markham (Bu... - 0 views

  • Without adopting inquiry-based, student-centered, skill-driven approaches to teaching and learning -- all nested in a system that values innovation -- STEM education will become just another term for additional math and engineering courses.
  • heart of any STEM program should be courses in which students create products, not just take tests
  • Allow for creativity
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Make teamwork central
  • Start with questions
Phil Taylor

Marzano's Instructional Strategies - 0 views

  • Integrating Technology into the Classroom using Instructional Strategies
Phil Taylor

Putting the Pieces Together - 0 views

  • teaching strategies that have the most impact on student learning. 
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