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started by skyimports on 31 Aug 14
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    The use of Sound Therapy Instruments enhances meditation and opens new parts of a person's mind to achieve awareness and balance. Central to the practice of audio-enhanced relaxation is the use of singing bowls. Part of ancient Tibetan and Nepalese culture, these instruments create stirring, multi-tonal sounds that have powerful healing and meditative effects on the human mind. There are many types and each is unique. When looking for one to match your needs, consider these essential characteristics.

    Resonance And Harmony

    The most important property of a singing bowl is that it should resonate with your body and mind. When you are first exposed to the sound of the instrument, it may seem as if each one produces a powerful effect. While this may be true, they are made to produce unique sounds and notes which will affect different people in different ways. It is important to find a bowl that will best nurture your personal harmony. It is suggested that you listen to many bowls to determine which ones have the greatest resonance with you. This can be done at

    Chakra Alignment

    Each singing bowl is tuned to a particular note, although they will often produce two or more additional ones. Most of the time, the notes will match up with the standard music scale. Each note corresponds to a particular energy point, or chakra, which in turn corresponds to a part of the body and emotional condition. The notes and their related chakras are listed here:

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    C: Root chakra is located in the base of the spine and relates to survival and sustenance.

    D: Sacral is in the lower abdomen and is connected to sexuality and physical pleasure.

    E: Solar Plexus is in the upper abdomen and is associate with higher functioning and self control.

    F: Heart Chakra is just above the heart and controls the ability to love and experience joy.

    G: Throat, located in the throat, connects to communication with others.

    A: Third Eye is between the eyes and is associated with wisdom and understanding.

    B: Crown is just above the head and defines spirituality.

    The difference in how each bowl affects various parts of the body and mind is significant for healing purposes. You will want to create a set of notes that focuses on the areas that require healing.

    Spend as much time as you can meditating with these bowls before choosing one for yourself. Listen to the sounds of different ones until you find one that resonates especially powerfully with you. Most vendors also have online listings with audio samples, such as Silver Sky Imports at their website,

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