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West's policies on Iran and Syria are a - 0 views

    The West's policies on Iran and Syria are a "dangerous gamble" and Saudi Arabia is prepared to act on its own to safeguard security in the region, a top Saudi diplomat said Tuesday.
Ed Webb

Western media and the Brotherhood: Secrets behind the love affair - Opinion - Ahram Online - 0 views

    Bernard Lewis, not Louis.
Ed Webb

Russian Arms for Syria No Threat to Protesters - Lavrov | World | RIA Novosti - 0 views

  • in contrast to Moscow “our U.S. colleagues are supplying countries of the Persian Gulf region with the very type of arms that could be used against peaceful demonstrators."
Ed Webb

Egypt's Military Seeks Advice on Handing Power to Civilians - - 0 views

  • On Sunday, the military-led government said that the lobbyists did not quit; they were terminated as a cost-cutting measure
    • Ed Webb
      You can't quit - you're fired!
Ed Webb

The Free Speech Blog: Official blog of Index on Censorship » Blocking mobile ... - 0 views

  • A year ago, BART might have gotten away with the move with less public outcry. But in the wake of the Arab Spring, any police action in the West that conjures up images of censorship in the Middle East will inevitably alarm Americans. Along with reaction to the riots in the UK, the BART incident has awoken many people to the reality that technology creates complex new means of censorship anywhere in the world.
Ed Webb

3quarksdaily - 0 views

  • in a post-9/11 world, any non-state actor caught throwing a stone, be it the first stone or the thousandth, risks total warfare under the guise of counterinsurgency
  • Mass, sustained civil disobedience at the corporate headquarters of insurance 'providers' and banks and petrol companies remains a long way off. Instead, Koch-funded campaigns continue to succeed at electing Republican governors who then refuse federal money to build high-speed rail networks . (See Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and more to come. Special shoutout to New Jersey.)Wisconsin Egypt

    When Americans begin to thirst for health care, re-pedestrianised cities, and the return of usury laws with the same fervor that Egyptians have shown in clamouring for democracy and the rule of law, only then will we know the revolution is here.

  • The coming constitutional showdown between human law and divine law in the revolutionary Arab states may turn on the question of gay rights and sexual freedom generally
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  • may all the peoples of the world live free with leaders of their own choosing and with easy access to medical care as every human being deserves. Let's hope that something close to that awaits us all in this life
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