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Oleh Tymets

Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO: A Quick Guide - 0 views

    "Mike Gingerich co-founder // Blogger // Social Media Speaker Home About Blog Digital Marketing Podcast Facebook Posts Problems I Solve Podcast Hire Mike to Speak Contact You are here: Home / All Posts / Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO: A Quick Guide Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO: A Quick Guide AUGUST 19, 2014 BY MIKE GINGERICH 3 COMMENTS 2 inShare Why do some YouTube videos rank better in Google search results than others? Can my videos get more views and perform better in search rankings? How can I optimize YouTube videos for SEO (search engine optimization)? Can YouTube videos help drive more traffic to our business website? If you've ever pondered these questions, then this is the right post for you! In this post, I'll dive into a number of quick tips with real examples that make a big difference in how your videos perform.  Search Engine Optimization isn't just about your website!  It's about finding ways to drive traffic to your site and have multiple ways for business to appear in search results, all of which ultimately drive traffic to your site. Producing the video and uploading to YouTube is not the END!  The actual details you enter as you upload your video are HUGELY IMPORTANT to the ultimate success of your video! So many times I've seen people wonder "why didn't this great video get more views?"  Often the reason is not the video itself, but the YouTube data with it! Loading your video to YouTube is not the end.  Key components that make or break the value of the video in being an asset to your online marketing include: The video Title The video Description A valid link to related information on your website The video tags I'll dive into the particulars of how to optimize a YouTube video by showing you an example. YouTube Video EXAMPLE This is an example of a YouTube video that is not optimized.  It is missing key components that would help it be discovered on YouTube search as well as Google
Marcin Ladowski

Marcin Ladowski - Co-Founder @ Webponder | CrunchBase - 0 views

  • is a business social media website where anyone can video-chat face to face with experts in a variety of fields, and get answers to questions or problems in real time. Some Experts specialize in your day to day needs and questions, while others specialize in more unique areas.
Anna Taylor

How to Increase the Scalability of Your SEO - 1 views

    How do you get people to link back to your site? Well, other than great content, be sure to include plenty of linkable assets on your sites. Things like infographics, videos, lists, widgets and calculators work well.
Anna Taylor

Do Low PPC Daily Budgets Negatively Impact Conversions? - 0 views

    Is there a relationship between low PPC daily budgets and low conversion rates? By having extremely low PPC daily budgets you will probably yield few if any conversions. What you actually need to do is increase your daily budget. Not sure how to adjust your daily budgets? Here is a video tutorial straight from Google:
Meet John

Social Media Fans & Professional Seo Services Introduction - 0 views

  • is a social media services business that aims to provide its customers with 100% contentment. We have been in business for a long time now and offer a range of social media services. We are dedicated to our customers and ensure that they receive high quality services each time they visit our website.
Nuha Sultana

How to Add Twitter Cards in Your Blog - 0 views

    Did you hear about twitter cards? Twitter cards can enrich your tweets incredibly. With you can attach images and videos to your tweets that drive more traffic to your blog. You can add in your WordPress blog simply adding a plugin and users who will tweet your site link will have a Card added to the tweet and twitter cards will visible to all of their followers.
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