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Yasir Siddiqui

The case of Goteo: from Crowdfunding to Cloudfunding to expand resources for the Commons - 0 views

    Crowdfunding tool for funding the commons
Tiberius Brastaviceanu

Welcome · - 0 views

    Add info on this wiki and contact the community
Yasir Siddiqui

Gittip - 0 views

    Inspiring generosity
Yasir Siddiqui

Rhizi - 0 views


    Rhizi empowers you to organize the web
Kurt Laitner

The Implications of Crypto Assets Part 3: Distributed Autonomous Corporations - 0 views

  • Namecoins are mined in the same manner as bitcoins
    • Kurt Laitner
      Major problem here, as described by Michel Bauwens - bitcoin is libertarian and hyper exploitative and bitcoin has been captured by 7 people who can release currency into circulation - the problem is the computer is the peer, and computers cost money
  • The idea of distributed autonomous corporations already exists, so now we just have to wait for the programmers and entrepreneurs to create the applications that build on the original thought.
    • Kurt Laitner
      not sure how they exist then...?
  • little to no profit incentive for the developers and supporters of the projects. You can only go so far with donations
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  • When you can create an encrypted email DAC that focuses on privacy and providing a quality product that can rival Gmail, it becomes much easier for the general public to care about computer security.
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