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Nathan Goodyear

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Inflammatory Processes - 0 views

  • marine n-3 PUFAs have also been shown to alter the production of inflammatory proteins including chemokines, cytokines, growth factors and matrix proteases
  • Two transcription factors that are likely to play a role in inflammation are nuclear factor κ B (NFκB) and PPAR-γ
  • NFκB is the principal transcription factor involved in upregulation of inflammatory cytokine, adhesion molecule and cyclooxygenase-2 genes
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  • PPAR-γ, is believed to act in an anti-inflammatory manner
  • PPAR-γ directly regulates inflammatory gene expression, it also interferes with the activation of NFκB creating an intriguing interaction between these two transcription factors
  • Both NFκB and PPAR-γ may be regulated by n-3 PUFAs.
    great review of the anti-inflammatory effects of omega 3 DHA and EPA.  EPA inhibits COX and 5-LOX and their downstream prostaglandin and leukotrienes.  EPA/DHA inhibited endotoxin-stimulated IL-6, IL-8,TNF-alpha, and NFkappaB.
Nathan Goodyear

Dietary Strategies for Improving Post-Prandial Glucose, Lipids, Inflammation, and Cardi... - 0 views

    Diet can be a direct cause of inflammation.  A anti-inflammatory diet is a must in those with chronic, inflammatory diseases.   

    In this study, triglycerides, oxidative stress, and inflammation was found immediately after a single meal of saturated fat.
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