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Fiona Beal

YouTube's Official Guide for Educators - 0 views

    "a great guide designed specifically for teachers and educators. "
Fiona Beal

2 Useful Tools to Create Rubrics for Your Class ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning - 0 views

    "sters ipad resources teacher guides youtube 4 teachers teacher tools free downloads disclaimer 206   119   6 inShare 1 Print! I have been posting a wide variety of rubrics  here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning particularly those related to technology integration in education, however, today I am sharing with you two practical tools that you can use to create your own rubrics. Of course the web is teeming with resourceful websites with pre-made rubrics that you can download and use in your classroom  but  there is nothing that beats your own creation. Check out the titles I have for you below and let us know if you have other suggestions to add to the list. 1- RubiStar RubiStar is probably the most popular tool for rubric making. It allows users to easily create rubrics based on pre-made templates. Registered users can edit and save their rubrics. RubiStar is also free . 2- iRubric This is another wonderful rubric making platform where users get to : Build a rubric in minutes using Rubric Studio. Rubric can be built from scratch or from exiting rubrics. Assess rubrics in seconds. Student grades are automatically saved in the gradebook and a copy of the scored rubric with your notes is securely displayed to individual learners. Share rubrics with others.  Find a rubric you like and re-purpose it for your use in a few clicks bookmark rubrics for future reference, or showcase your rubrics to the world on your free website. Collaboratively assess rubrics with your groups, classes and other individuals.  You might also like: Another Awesome Technology Integration Rubric for Teachers Awesome Problem-Solving Rubric for Teachers A Great Rubric for Using Technology in K-8 A Must Have Rubric for Infographic Use in The Classroom LinkWithin Twitter Facebook Google+ Pinterest RSS Email 8 Excellent Free Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers A list of All The Best iPad Apps Teachers Need 15 Learning Tools You Never Kn
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