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Angus Pearson

Open Australia - 3 views

    A great site for those of you who are interested in what your local member of Parliament is up to. Could be useful if you are pushing an issue on behalf of your organisation, sector or the public good. Searches Hansard to find out what your representative is doing or search on a topic; this site makes Hansard accessible in a way that actually searching Hansard does not!
    Yay for transparency!
    Another excellent example of the power that digitising provides. Thanks for posting Agus, I've marked Assignment 2 as complete on Lore for you.
Bernadette Young

Face to Faith | Tony Blair Faith Foundation - 0 views

    Great digital tool to connect schools in many different countries, cultures and religions.
    Thanks for posting Bernadette, I've marked Assignment 2 as complete on Lore for you.
Nolene Gehling

Bamboo DiRT - 1 views

    A large collection registry of digital research tools.
    Just had a glance, looks terrific, will have to spend some time here later!
    Thanks for sharing, Noelene. I've marked this assignment as complete on Lore.

CopyrightFriendly/Creative Commons/Fair Use - Research Tools - LibGuides at Springfield... - 0 views

    I re-found (is that even a word?) this website in my Delicious account- I suspect I originally stumbled across it while doing the VicPLN course earlier in the year. At the time, I thought it would be a great one to come back & explore. I still do. It contains a lot of information on Creative Commons...some of it a useful starting point for a discussion with students. 
    Yes, we are just working on ours now!
    Thanks for sharing. I've marked this assignment as complete on Lore.
Amanda Lucas

Rutgers RIOT - Research Information Online Tutorial - 5 views

    Interactive tutorial from Rutgers University for students covering these areas: Selecting a topic, finding sources, selecting keywords, identifying citations, evaluating sources. Includes database searching using example of EBSCO, importing citations with RefWorks.
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    Thanks for sharing this one, Amanda! It would be a lot more appealing to students than some other methods of presentation!
    Thanks Amanda. I like the interactive nature of the site. It is very smooth and informative. I think Uni students would have the stamina to go through the options offered but I wonder about high school students' ability to stay with it.
    Thanks for sharing, Amanda. I've marked this assignment as complete on Lore.

Instapaper - 0 views

    Instapaper is a very useful service where you can save articles from the web. It will remove advertisements and other distractions, giving you a nice clean version of the article. You can also install an app on your mobile so you can read articles on the move, even when you don't have an internet connection.
Lisa Wheeldon

ZOTERO - Research Tool - 4 views

I like Zotero which is a free online bibliographical management tool.I haven't used it through Chrome yet but have used it in Firefox and got the add on for Word. It automatically cited information...

Zotero Research resources

started by Lisa Wheeldon on 16 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Robyn Edebohls

Library Conference 2013 - 5 views

library education

started by Robyn Edebohls on 15 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Mitzi Tuke

Australian Council of Education Research - 4 views

great resources for a range of verbal and written communication skills - Australian resources

resources English reading

started by Mitzi Tuke on 15 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Merilyn Kelly

Ted Talks - 0 views

    Engaging, informative, entertaining talks on any subject you can think of.
Connie Little

Research Project - 5 views This site has some useful information for those helping students with their Research Project.

research project

started by Connie Little on 12 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
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