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State Library of New South Wales - 5 views

Hi Lee, Thanks for joining the group and sharing. I've sent you an email today about completing the course. Cam

Research resources Information literacy education Library

Thelma Tilley - 0 views helpful for selecting a pup for your child.Helpful to understand different breeds. helpful to diagnose problems with an ill dog..

dog.breed sickness

started by Thelma Tilley on 30 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Christine Hammett

Assignment - 0 views

I have a mark but not on list as submitted. Christine Hammett

started by Christine Hammett on 27 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Bernadette Young

21 Foundation - 11 views

Really great film which initially overwhelmed and then inspired- going to put some ideas into effect this week!! Thanks

inquiry research process

Theresa Smith

research - 0 views

interview questions

started by Theresa Smith on 19 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Lisa Wheeldon

ZOTERO - Research Tool - 4 views

I like Zotero which is a free online bibliographical management tool.I haven't used it through Chrome yet but have used it in Firefox and got the add on for Word. It automatically cited information...

Zotero Research resources

started by Lisa Wheeldon on 16 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Robyn Edebohls

Library Conference 2013 - 5 views

library education

started by Robyn Edebohls on 15 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Mitzi Tuke

Australian Council of Education Research - 4 views

great resources for a range of verbal and written communication skills - Australian resources

resources English reading

started by Mitzi Tuke on 15 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
Connie Little

Research Project - 5 views This site has some useful information for those helping students with their Research Project.

research project

started by Connie Little on 12 Nov 12 no follow-up yet
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