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Ihering Alcoforado

LinkedIn Residential Real Real Notícias do Grupo | LinkedIn - 1 views

shared by Ihering Alcoforado on 11 Mar 12 - No Cached
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    Niche Social Networking For The Realtor     Facebook and MySpace are starting to get recognized as useful tools in networking for the online Realtor. However, as social networking sites have become one of the front runners in connecting people on the Internet, people are starting to get interested in "niche" social networking: sites that connect people interested in specific subjects. Active Rain is a network that has taken this concept and turned it into a growing community of Real, Real Real-related professionals and people looking for the right agent for them. It has pages for individuals to post information about themselves and the services they provide, forums, blogs, and a Q&A forum where people can post questions about Real Real. So far, 60,000 people have become members, which makes for a lot of exposure on the site. One does not need to be an Internet guru to create a "niche" network, though. It can be done with existing networking sites and applications. The key is to start out creating decent, useful information on your focus in the market. If you are Realing Reals in the Sunset Hill neighborhood of Seattle, by all means, start a Facebook group or your own message board about the Sunset Hill neighborhood. Whatever it is, make sure that it allows people to weigh in, ask questions and post answers. Social Networking For The Realtor is a must have Post information on the schools there, and the issues about them, the job scene, house care when dealing with Seattle weather… anything and everything that has to do with Sunset Hill and Seattle Reals. Make sure it's relevant, make sure it's up-to-date. Look beyond Realing houses and post about what people buying Reals in Seattle and Sunset Hill are concerned about. If you have happy clients who have conducted their Real transaction through you, keep in contact with them and let them know about the site. Many Real owners would be interested to know about a sit
James Chris

Real Real Real | Real MY Real - 1 views

    NJ property provides New Jersey real real real from 100% commission real. Also provide real my real services to top NJ real real brokers. Which real real brokers provide from High commission split real. gives you best suggestion from virtual real real offices.
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Pratibha Chopra

Assist2Sell Coast and County Sellty: America's Leading Discount Sell Sell Agency - 3 views

Assist-2-Sell, America's leading discount Sell Sell agency with over 450 offices, offer you the very best service, Sell and negotiating skills at a fraction of the normal commission. Their c...


started by Pratibha Chopra on 11 Jul 09 no follow-up yet
vijay prasad

Builders - Building Contractors In Chennai - Business Realtors - Property Developers In Chennai. - 0 views

    Leading property portal in India. property listings in India. Largest collection of Indian real real directory. Buy real rent commercial property or residential property in india, find property like houses, flats, shops, apartments and get fair deals by property agents, dealers and real real brokers
Chris Pope

Calgary Real Real Portal - 0 views

    Detailed, impartial look at the Calgary Real Real market, with information on buying and Realing property, the state of the Calgary market, and current mortgage lending rates and policies.
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