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Residential Real Estate Listings - Bank Foreclosed Homes for Sale - - 0 views

    Offering highly specialized classified residential real estate listings for motivated sellers, eager or desperate to sell their property. We are also accepting and advertising bank foreclosed homes for sale.

Three Free Things That Will Make Your House Sell Faster (Part One) - 0 views

    There are a thousand and one ways to increase a home's appeal. Some are practical, some are not; some are cheap, some are not. Here are the three easiest (and free!) things that will make your home sell faster:
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Not Your Mother's Real Estate Web Site: CyberHomes - 0 views

    Technology is making a difference in real estate, no question about it. There was Zillow (there still is, really), and now there's Cyberhomes, a Micrsoft Virtual Earth mashup that gives you tons of useful real estate information.
    all about auction
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