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Al Tucker

Voir QR: The History, Use & Abuse of QR Codes - 9 views

    that was an awesome slideshare on qr codes - thanks for sharing!
Brenda Sherry

Tech2Learn - QR Code - 6 views

    Hi Brenda,
    I just found your wiki link above and sent you a membership request for your wiki. I found it very interesting and funny how you are using wikispaces in a very similar way to me.
    My account name is myweb2learn, another similarity. I just thought to connect with you. I am a staff edutech trainer for language teachers.Ilona
Dianne Rees

QR voice - 9 views

    Generates qr-code for a synthesized voice message...
kimberly caise

Use QR Codes to extend classroom learning by creating "QR Stations." | Where the Classr... - 14 views

    great lesson plan
Dianne Rees

QR Code Curbside Haiku - 7 views

    ew York City Department of Transport have launched a safety education campaign with twelve QR Code signs. In the style of traditional street safety signs each is embedded with a QR Code that decodes as a haiku poem safety message (images below). 144 of the signs will be placed citywide in high-crash locations near cultural institutions and schools.
Ángeles Araguz

Ya se pueden incluir mensajes de voz en los regalos gracias a los códigos QR ... - 0 views

    ¿y con voicethread?
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