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  • Aleister Tennyson Hobbs

    Aleister Tennyson Hobbs

    Surf The Dark Side with Dead Sea Surfers. The brainchild of DSS is singer & songwriter Aleister Cat, Al e Cat, aka Aleister, the vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist has performed with various projects & bands on many stages through the years, from LA to New York City. In recent years past Aleister ...

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  • Chewing Pine

    Chewing Pine

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  • Rock Sound

    Rock Sound

    Rock Sound : The UK’s best source for new music featuring all the styles of rock– metal, punk, hardcore, emo, indie and darkwave. Check out, the online presence of Rock Sound magazine and the best resource for alternative music. Get news, reviews, blogs, rock TV, interviews & c...

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  • Ryan Manbodh

    Ryan Manbodh

    Im a music producer, artist, lyricist, and a fun enthuseist . Ask ME HOW!!

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  • Nicole Smith

    Nicole Smith

    Acquired Home Loans offers you as a Mortgage Broker a Better Way of shopping around the Major Banking Institutions to find the Best Home Loan that suits your Current needs and is Beneficial to your Future needs. We Understand Your Happiness is Our Future.

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  • Ai Albero

    Ai Albero

    The reason why i meet you is by destiny. But if destiny will suggest that i live without you, i'll live not by destiny but of free will.....

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  • elysium_tampa


    Vocals / Guitar: Shelton Bass / Backup Vocals: Mattie Sox Lead Guitar / Backup Vocals: Spencer Anemik Drums: Mikey D.U.I.s Formed in 2001, we recorded our first E.P. "With Nothing to Prove" at Zen Studios in June of 2002. Our first full length album, "Masses of Assholes" was released in 2003. We went back into the studio and recorded our next E.P. "Fuck it All", the precursor to the album, "Huntley Ave". "Huntley Ave." was released in June of 2006. Following an extensive tour, we decided it was time to record another full length album, which led to the release of "Opinions and Assholes, Vol. 5". Since "Opinions and Assholes, Vol. 5"'s official release in January 2008, we have been hard at work and our intensive touring has begun to pay off. We have plaid with Authority Zero, The Dave Brockie Experience, The Draft, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Stephen Pearcy, The Absence and many others. After playing Warped Tour '07 we have continued to tour and continue to book shows throughout the US. We currently have a 5 song demo containing our newest material. Check us out: Myspace at : Twitter at : @ElysiumTampa E-mail :

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  • Amplified Steve

    Amplified Steve

    Bassist in The Penny Black Remedy & social media junkie. There are two styles of rock'n'roll - 60s & 70s. Fender Precision over a Fender Jazz anytime. Beer.

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