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Sue Frantz

Towards responsible use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by the healthy : Article : Nature - 0 views

    I'm having a hard time thinking this is a good idea. I'd prefer to move toward less reliance on drugs rather than more.
    "In this article, we propose actions that will help society accept the benefits of enhancement, given appropriate research and evolved regulation. Prescription drugs are regulated as such not for their enhancing properties but primarily for considerations of safety and potential abuse. Still, cognitive enhancement has much to offer individuals and society, and a proper societal response will involve making enhancements available while managing their risks."
Todd Suomela

Peanut Butter and Paternalism | Psychology Today Blogs - 2 views

    Where is the line between safety and paternalism? Two cases: food regulation and motorcycle helmets.
Maxime Lagacé

Don't Shelter Your Children: Coping With Stress As A Child Develops Resilience And Emotion Regulation As An Adult - 5 views

  • We already know that "suffering builds character", but a new study suggests that it may do a lot more than that.
  • Successfully coping with stress at an early age may significantly increase your chances of being a more resilient adult, as well as strengthen your ability to regulate emotions.
  • Parents may feel that by preventing their child from encountering any and all potential hardship they are helping to preserve their emotional well-being, but going through a little stress and encouraging them to cope with it effectively will benefit them far more when it comes to being a more resilient, independent, and emotionally stable adult.
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  • Stressful experiences that are challenging but not overwhelming appear to promote the development of subsequent resilience in children.
  • Youths that were exposed to stress actually had less anxiety, lower levels of stress, and had more confidence in exploring novel situations
  • after coping with stress successfully, your brain says, "Hey, that wasn't too bad. I can handle this."
  • The key point in the article is that mild stress exposure resulted in positive changes in the brain, not torture or a series of near-death experiences.
  • The take-home point is this: not all stress is bad.
  • You can't buffer your child from every non-happy moment in his life, so at least take comfort in the fact that while he is suffering in the short term, he is enhancing his well-being in the long term.
    Article that explains why we should let our children experience some stress.  Not all stress is bad...
thinkahol *

TEDxRheinMain - Prof. Dr. Thomas Metzinger - The Ego Tunnel - YouTube - 0 views

    Brain, bodily awareness, and the emergence of a conscious self: these entities and their relations are explored by Germanphilosopher and cognitive scientist Metzinger. Extensively working with neuroscientists he has come to the conclusion that, in fact, there is no such thing as a "self" -- that a "self" is simply the content of a model created by our brain - part of a virtual reality we create for ourselves. But if the self is not "real," he asks, why and how did it evolve? How does the brain construct the self? In a series of fascinating virtual reality experiments, Metzinger and his colleagues have attempted to create so-called "out-of-body experiences" in the lab, in order to explore these questions. As a philosopher, he offers a discussion of many of the latest results in robotics, neuroscience, dream and meditation research, and argues that the brain is much more powerful than we have ever imagined. He shows us, for example, that we now have the first machines that have developed an inner image of their own body -- and actually use this model to create intelligent behavior. In addition, studies exploring the connections between phantom limbs and the brain have shown us that even people born without arms or legs sometimes experience a sensation that they do in fact have limbs that are not there. Experiments like the "rubber-hand illusion" demonstrate how we can experience a fake hand as part of our self and even feel a sensation of touch on the phantom hand form the basis and testing ground for the idea that what we have called the "self" in the past is just the content of a transparent self-model in our brains. Now, as new ways of manipulating the conscious mind-brain appear on the scene, it will soon become possible to alter our subjective reality in an unprecedented manner. The cultural consequences of this, Metzinger claims, may be immense: we will need a new approach to ethics, and we will be forced to think about ourselves in a fundamentally new way. At
MrGhaz .

Why Do You Need Feedback? It Can Sometimes Make You Feel Quite Insecure - 0 views

    One of the things you're lacking is feedback. No-one is giving you any information about how you're getting on. No-one responding to what you do. Without feedback it is difficult to regulate what you do.

Buy 5 Star Google Reviews - 100% Positive 5 Star Non-Drop ... - 0 views

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