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Heather McQuaid

BPS Research Digest: This picture will make it more likely that you'll seek help - 0 views

    visual cues subconsciously affect mood & behavior. See the picture that will make it more likely that you'll seek help
    Prompts in the environment make their way beneath your conscious radar and into your mind, affecting your mood and behaviour. Past research has shown that a briefcase, as opposed to a rucksack, on a table, leads people to behave more competitively. A wall poster featuring a pair of staring eyes increases people's use of an honesty box. And a 2009 study found that pictures of companionable dolls increased the likelihood that toddlers would help a stranger pick up sticks they'd dropped. Now Mark Rubin at the University of Newcastle has added to this literature with an adult study showing that pictures of companionship don't just increase the giving of help, they also increase the intention to seek help.

Mother's Day Cute HD Pictures With Quotes For Facebook Status - 0 views

    Mother's Day Cute HD Pictures With Quotes For Facebook Status- Check out this collection of a number of Mother's Day Picture. These Pictures beautifully portray the spirit of Mothers Days feast. You may download these Picture of Mothers Days for free and also share them with your friends over various social media networks.
chris john

3 Dogs 1 Smile - 1 views

    funny dogs pictures
thinkahol *

How to size up the people in your life - opinion - 15 August 2011 - New Scientist - 0 views

    Why are we all so different? Here is a toolkit for finding out what people are really like IN THE 4th century BC, the Greek philosopher Theophrastus, Aristotle's student and successor, wrote a book about personality. The project was motivated by his interest in what he considered a very puzzling question: "Why it has come about that, albeit the whole of Greece lies in the same clime, and all Greeks have a like upbringing, we have not the same constitution of character?" Not knowing how to get at the answer, Theophrastus decided to instead focus on categorising those seemingly mysterious differences in personality. The result was a book of descriptions of personality types to which he assigned names such as The Suspicious, The Fearful and The Proud. The book made such an impression that it was passed down through the ages, and is still available online today as The Characters of Theophrastus. The two big questions about personality that so interested Theophrastus are the same ones we ask ourselves about the people we know: why do we have different personalities? And what is the best way to describe them? In the past few decades, researchers have been gradually answering these questions, and in my new book, Making Sense of People: Decoding the mysteries of personality, I take a look at some of these answers. When it comes to the origins of personality, we have learned a lot. We now know that personality traits are greatly influenced by the interactions between the set of gene variants that we happen to have been born with and the social environment we happen to grow up in. The gene variants that a person inherits favour certain behavioural tendencies, such as assertiveness or cautiousness, while their environmental circumstances influence the forms these innate behavioural tendencies take. The ongoing dialogue between the person's genome and environment gradually establishes the enduring ways of thinking and feeling that are the building blocks of personality. This de
Techno Shakti

Think Yourself A Better Picture: Experience the Benefits of HD Television (Without Actually Buying One) - 0 views

    • Techno Shakti
      According to New Scientist - the theory of auto suggestion to the human brain does have measurable impact.
    A study on "framing" and how / if it influences user experience using HD Televisions. "
D Vali

7 Important Tips For Yoga Success | Blog Of Sport - 0 views

    1. Talk to your doctor and explain what type of yoga poses you intend to practice. Show your doctor pictures of the poses for illustration. Your doctor may rule out specific poses if you have high blood pressure, glaucoma, a history of retinal detachment, or heart disease. Make sure you follow your doctor's recommendations…
Heather McQuaid

BPS Research Digest: Improving people's memory by punishing their correct answers - 0 views

    Pictures of dead cats can improve your memory [BPS Research Digest:] stronger connections via arousal #psych
Im Funny

Christmas cartoon fun | Funny Pictures, Funny Quotes - Photos, Quotes, Images, Pics - 0 views

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