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Hypnosis Training Academy

How to Create Influence Channels in the Mind - Part 1 - 0 views

    Interested in discovering how to master hypnotic influence and create powerful channels in the mind using emotion, logic, and reasoning? Yes? Well, we have got good news for you as Hypnosis Training Academy has created an in-depth guide that explains the heart of influence, the influence Strategy Tree and the 5 branches of influence that fall under it. With this guide, you will get a very clear sense of how you can effectively use hypnosis to carve influence channels in people's mind. This 2-part guide on hypnotic influence also takes you through strategic influence techniques to generate a positive change in your subjects and clients. Intrigued? Visit today to discover what is the role of influence when used in hypnosis….
thinkahol *

How to size up the people in your life - opinion - 15 August 2011 - New Scientist - 0 views

    Why are we all so different? Here is a toolkit for finding out what people are really like IN THE 4th century BC, the Greek philosopher Theophrastus, Aristotle's student and successor, wrote a book about personality. The project was motivated by his interest in what he considered a very puzzling question: "Why it has come about that, albeit the whole of Greece lies in the same clime, and all Greeks have a like upbringing, we have not the same constitution of character?" Not knowing how to get at the answer, Theophrastus decided to instead focus on categorising those seemingly mysterious differences in personality. The result was a book of descriptions of personality types to which he assigned names such as The Suspicious, The Fearful and The Proud. The book made such an impression that it was passed down through the ages, and is still available online today as The Characters of Theophrastus. The two big questions about personality that so interested Theophrastus are the same ones we ask ourselves about the people we know: why do we have different personalities? And what is the best way to describe them? In the past few decades, researchers have been gradually answering these questions, and in my new book, Making Sense of People: Decoding the mysteries of personality, I take a look at some of these answers. When it comes to the origins of personality, we have learned a lot. We now know that personality traits are greatly influenced by the interactions between the set of gene variants that we happen to have been born with and the social environment we happen to grow up in. The gene variants that a person inherits favour certain behavioural tendencies, such as assertiveness or cautiousness, while their environmental circumstances influence the forms these innate behavioural tendencies take. The ongoing dialogue between the person's genome and environment gradually establishes the enduring ways of thinking and feeling that are the building blocks of personality. This de
Hypnosis Training Academy

Master Hypnotic Storyteller Home Study Video Program at 40% Discount - 0 views

    Do you want to hypnotize people without them knowing they're being hypnotized? Do you want to create powerful hypnotic stories on the fly to transform your subjects unconscious realities? Do you want to increase your persuasion with storytelling mastery? Do you want to influence people's primal decision making process? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the program you have been seeking….This program can be used in everyday conversations as well as serious business meetings. It is perfect for anyone who wants to win people over! Through this program, you can easily transform yourself into a master hypnotic storyteller - even if you have zero previous experience. You can get instant access to all the hypnotic storytelling secrets when you sign up for this training program. If you're a hypnotist or in the influence game in any way, shape or form, then looking this program over is simply in your best interest. Visit to grab this amazing 40% off deal. You can split up your investment into 4 simple installments of only $147. Moreover, your investment is covered by a generous 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. Hurry, It's a Limited Time Offer! Click Here To Get Started Now!
Hypnosis Training Academy

Interview With A Hypnotist: Dr. Ed Tori's 6 Keys To Greater Influence and How To Inspire Healthy Behavior - 0 views

    Conversational Hypnosis and Hypnotic Language Patterns, are the two most important tool for building rapport. These two allow the hypnotists to quickly gain their subjects' trust and help them overcome any issues. Dr. Ed Tori, who founded the Influence Center, shares his journey and reveals the 6 essential rules for anyone who wants to be more influential, in addition to why rapport is a secret tool for increasing healthy behaviors. He also explains how to make your time more constructive with mind mapping and the secret to keeping your energy levels up so you can pick up new skills no matter how busy you are. Sounds interesting? Visit to listen to this powerful interview.
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Does Your Personality Influence Who You Vote For? - 0 views

    ScienceDaily (Nov. 2, 2008) - Does your personality influence who you vote for? The short answer is yes, according to John Mayer, professor of psychology at the University of New Hampshire. As Americans go to the polls in record numbers to vote for the next U.S. president, some voters will crave social stability and others will crave social change. Liberals and conservatives divide according to these personality preferences.
Hypnosis Training Academy

[FREE INTERVIEW] How To Use Hypnosis In Stressful Corporate Situations To Build Rapport - 0 views

    Building rapport from the get-go is essential during a hypnosis session. It helps put the client at ease and build trust, which is crucial when doing change work. But what if someone hasn't come to you as a client and hypnosis takes place outside of a clinical setting? How could you build rapport then… such as in highly stressful corporate situations when working with multiple people? And where you need to influence change where it matters the most… right at the top? That is exactly what master hypnotist Laz Dorgham explains is his in-depth with Igor Ledochowski. He reveals what he's learned about creating rapport from such fast-paced and stressful corporate environments. Particularly when it comes to helping people and corporations improve communication and to find ways to solve complicated issues they believed to be "unmanageable." Want to find out how? Listen to Part 1 of this inspiring interview at to find out how you can use hypnosis in stressful professional situations to influence positive change.
Borne Mace

Conformity: Ten Timeless Influencers | PsyBlog - 10 views

    şifa deryasınına dalıp fıkıh pınarından faydalanabilceğiniz hadis şerbetinle tatlanıp kısadan hiselerle hayalle gercek arasında gidip geleceğiniz,bazen tasavvuf aleminden bir derviş bazense rüya eleminden bir resime bakacagınız siteleri hayatınızdan bir kesit olacktır.
Erich Feldmeier

Florin Dolcos: Personality, habits of thought and gender influence how we remember - 0 views

    "We're looking at traits that are associated with the way that people process the emotional world and the way that they respond to it," said University of Illinois psychology professor Florin Dolcos, who conducted the study with postdoctoral researcher Sanda Dolcos and University of Alberta postdoctoral researcher Ekaterina Denkova. "We wanted to look not only at how personality traits might influence what and how people remember, but also to examine how that impacts their (subsequent) emotional state.""
Techno Shakti

Think Yourself A Better Picture: Experience the Benefits of HD Television (Without Actually Buying One) - 0 views

    • Techno Shakti
      According to New Scientist - the theory of auto suggestion to the human brain does have measurable impact.
    A study on "framing" and how / if it influences user experience using HD Televisions. "
Todd Suomela

More Evidence That Intelligence Is Largely Inherited: Researchers Find That Genes Determine Brain's Processing Speed - 0 views

  • In a study published recently in the Journal of Neuroscience, UCLA neurology professor Paul Thompson and colleagues used a new type of brain-imaging scanner to show that intelligence is strongly influenced by the quality of the brain's axons, or wiring that sends signals throughout the brain. The faster the signaling, the faster the brain processes information. And since the integrity of the brain's wiring is influenced by genes, the genes we inherit play a far greater role in intelligence than was previously thought.
    Intriguing article but frustratingly vague on the measurements used for intelligence testing. Apparently HARDI (High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging) can measure the diffusion of water through the brain, especially myelin. In yet another twin study (n=46 pairs) there appears to be a correlation between diffusion speed and intelligence.
Heather McQuaid

Collaborative fixation: Effects of others' ideas on brainstorming - Kohn - 2010 - Applied Cognitive Psychology - Wiley Online Library - 0 views

    Three experiments examined whether or not fixation effects occur in brainstorming as a function of receiving ideas from others. Exchanging ideas in a group reduced the number of domains of ideas that were explored by participants. Additionally, ideas given by brainstormers conformed to ideas suggested by other participants. Temporal analyses showed how the quantity, variety and novelty of ideas fluctuate over the course of a brainstorming session. Taking a break modulated the natural decline over time in the quantity and variety of ideas. Although fixation was observed in brainstorming in terms of conformity and restriction of the breadth of ideas, it did not influence the number of ideas generated in these experiments.

The Anti-Freud: Bennett Roth's Review of the Film The Master ( angl - fr ) - 0 views

    A dystopian film. " THE MASTER" For some time I was occupied by a search for a title for this review of 'The Master'; Paul Thomas Anderson's 70 mm film homage to post war alienation and deceit. Anderson is a student of film history while his being an auteur is essential to understanding his intent. He stands on the shoulders of earlier filmmakers, influenced by them and seeking to relate his version of the "American Dream".

8 Common Character Traits Mentally Strong People Avoid - 0 views

    Everyone likes to become powerful yet only a few of them really influenced the world.
Kendy Frank

10 Patient Communications Tips For Hospital and Clinic - 0 views

    Hospital systems and hospital-owned clinics have an opportunity to connect with patients, potential patients and those who influence them like never before. Below is a list of 10 ways to do it, and please note none of these include spending more on traditional advertising.
Page Turn Pro

Create Online Publication For Availing The Benefits Of Digitization - 0 views

    This post talks about online publishing and online publications. Further, it talks about the reasons to create an online publication. The influence of your digital publications will be so robust that the people will be engaged in your publication until they become subscribers.
José Cavalcante

How Termites Inspired Mick Pearce's Green Buildings | Design | - 0 views

    "Mick Pearce is an African architect who has tried to change that model, demonstrating his ideas in two signature buildings, the Eastgate Building in Harare, Zimbabwe, and the Council House 2 Building in Melbourne, Australia. Both buildings employ common-sense passive systems for climate control based on gradients, and both were inspired by the work of a tiny insect, the termite". This kind of design may be a great influence not in the energy saving only, but in the relationship and behavior of the people too. How is to work in such a designed workspace?
Caramel Crow

Sweeping Analysis Of Research Reinforces Strong Media Influence On Women's Body Image - 1 views

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