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thinkahol *

When Change Is Not Enough: The Seven Steps To Revolution | - 0 views

    "Those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."- John F. KennedyThere's one thing for sure: 2008 isn't anything like politics as usual.The corporate media (with their unerring eye for the obvious point) is fixated on the narrative that, for the first time ever, Americans will likely end this year with either a woman or a black man headed for the White House. Bloggers are telling stories from the front lines of primaries and caucuses that look like something from the early 60s - people lining up before dawn to vote in Manoa, Hawaii yesterday; a thousand black college students in Prairie View, Texas marching 10 miles to cast their early votes in the face of a county that tried to disenfranchise them. In recent months, we've also been gobstopped by the sheer passion of the insurgent campaigns of both Barack Obama and Ron Paul, both of whom brought millions of new voters into the conversation - and with them, a sharp critique of the status quo and a new energy that's agitating toward deep structural change.There's something implacable, earnest, and righteously angry in the air. And it raises all kinds of questions for burned-out Boomers and jaded Gen Xers who've been ground down to the stump by the mostly losing battles of the past 30 years. Can it be - at long last - that Americans have, simply, had enough? Are we, finally, stepping out to take back our government - and with it, control of our own future? Is this simply a shifting political season - the kind we get every 20 to 30 years - or is there something deeper going on here? Do we dare to raise our hopes that this time, we're going to finally win a few? Just how ready is this country for big, serious, forward-looking change?Recently, I came across a pocket of sociological research that suggested a tantalizing answer to these questions - and also that America may be far more ready for far more change than anyone really believes is possible at this moment. In fac
thinkahol *

What Makes Right-Wing Mobs Tick? | Psychology Today - 0 views

    A lot of heavyweight thinkers have offered explanations of the irrationality of modern political behavior--you know, behavior like Medicare recipients at town halls screaming about the evils of government-run health care or otherwise reasonable people likening Obama's plan to Nazi eugenics. George Lakoff theorizes that conservatives interpret reality through metaphors and meta-narratives modeled after authoritarian family structures. Drew Westen argues that they interpret facts according to emotionally based investments in conclusions they already hold, bypassing cortical centers of reason altogether. These and other analyses are powerful and helpful. But they aren't satisfying to me because they aren't specific enough to account for the passionate urgency and self-destructiveness of the right-wing rejection of a program that will obviously benefit them.
Joelle Nebbe-Mornod

Gary Hamel: Inventing Management 2.0 - 10 views

    "To create organizations that are fit for the future, we need to dramatically retool the management systems and processes that govern . . . * How strategies get created * How opportunities get identified * How decisions get made * How resources get allocated * How activities get coordinated * How power gets exercised * How teams get built * How tasks and talent get matched up * How performance gets measured * How rewards get shared"
David McCart

Free Gary McKinnon - or at least try him in the UK - 0 views

    Gary, who suffers from Asperger syndrome, is being abandoned by his own government and thrown accross the pond to be tried in a US *Military* Court
Todd Suomela

Peanut Butter and Paternalism | Psychology Today Blogs - 2 views

    Where is the line between safety and paternalism? Two cases: food regulation and motorcycle helmets.
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