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Chiki Smith

Relationship Advice for Troubled Couples - 1 views

People having relationship problems need good relationships advice. They need help to be able to think the right way and decide what the best way to solve the issues. If they have cheating partners...

relationships advice

started by Chiki Smith on 14 May 11 no follow-up yet
Chiki Smith

The Handbook of Cheating Changed The Way I Want My Marriage to Work - 1 views

My hubby and I were married for 2 years but we have been with each other for seven years before we got married. So, it was devastating when I discovered he is cheating on me with his co-worker. I r...

relationships advice

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Caramel Crow

BPS RESEARCH DIGEST: We're more likely to listen to expensive advice - 0 views

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thinkahol *

The Case For Rebound Relationships | Psychology Today - 0 views

    Entering a new relationship when you are still feeling emotionally connected to your previous partner is a complicated affair, and most self-help books, newspaper articles and blog posts strictly advise against entering such rebound relationships. Indeed, the average advice column will ordinarily contend that rebound relationships distract us from dealing with lingering emotional ties and are unhealthy in that they keep us from achieving resolution. However, in the July edition of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin we find a study that begs to differ from this popular notion by demonstrating possible merits of rebound relationships. In particular the study shows that rebound relationships might actually help anxiously attached individuals let go of their former partners and achieve closure.
Chiki Smith

This Book Offers Great Relationship Advice - 1 views

relationships advice

started by Chiki Smith on 14 Sep 11 no follow-up yet
thinkahol *

Who knows you best? Not you, say psychologists - 0 views

    Know thyself. That was Socrates' advice, and it squares with conventional wisdom. But a new article reviews the research and suggests an addendum to the philosopher's edict: Ask a friend.
Hypnosis Training Academy

Interview With A Hypnotist: HypnoThoughts Founder Scott Sandland Shares How To Set Up A... - 0 views

    How do you know if a hypnotherapy niche is right for you? Other than actually giving it a try, the most practical alternative is to talk with someone who works in the field. And, who else would be the right candidate than the founder of HypnoThoughts Scott Sandland to advise you on how can you set up a dental and medical hypnosis practice. Check out this month's interview with Igor Ledochowski, where Scott shares the unbelievable story of how he discovered hypnosis. Scott also dives into what you can achieve through dental hypnosis, what hypnosis can offer to people struggling with addiction and why this niche is not for everyone. He also shares plenty of advice on how to help you get started in this field of hypnotherapy. To listen to Part 1 of this powerful interview, visit
funeral adelaide

Excellent Funeral in Adelaide - 1 views

My entire family would like to thank Sensible Funerals for helping us out in preparing the funeral of my dearly departed grandmother. The funeral services that their professional funeral directors ...

Funeral directors Adelaide

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cheating spouses

Cheating Manual? I Thought So Too! - 0 views

When I first stumbled at the "Handbook of Cheating" I blurted "Is this real? Well my first impression was it was some kind of a cheating manual for cheating spouses on how not to be caught doing th...

cheating spouses

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Keywodrs is very important for every website. - 0 views

shared by samonjur on 17 Jun 15 - No Cached
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nat bas

News Blog Articles | Stereotyping Increases With Age | Miller-McCune Online Magazine - 0 views

  • A decade ago, a research team led by William von Hippel of the University of Queensland challenged that assumption. The psychologists proposed that older people may exhibit greater prejudice because they have difficulty inhibiting the stereotypes that regularly get activated in all of our brains. They suggested an aging brain is not as effective in suppressing unwanted information — including stereotypes.
  • This finding supports our suggestion that older adults are more likely to make stereotypic inferences during comprehension, and that this stereotyping carries over into their later memory for that information
  • older adults are no more likely than younger adults to rely on stereotypes, and are similarly capable of altering their interpretation of a situation when information suggests that information is incorrect.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • In real life, of course, no one is pointing out biased statements as they emerge from the mouths or friends, family members or talk-show hosts. So for older adults, the best advice might be to avoid acquaintances who speak in stereotypes. This research suggests prejudice can be contagious, and we become more susceptible as our brains age.
    we are all prejudiced, and judge through making use of stereotypes- but older people find it difficult to suppress them, whereas we do it quite efficiently. Good news is, if these stereotypes are challenged, they see the light and shed their prejudices.
riz lee

Health is Wealth - 0 views

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liu yanfeng

Building the 21st-Century Mind: Scientific American - 0 views

  • March 17, 2009 in Biology | 11 comments | Post a comment E-mail   |   Print   |   Text Size    Building the 21st-Century Mind A professor of cognition and education reveals the five minds you need for success, how to make better decisions, and why ethics are critical.
  • Howard Gardner is a professor of cognition and education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He’s also the author of over 20 books and several hundred scholarly articles. Gardner is probably best known in educational circles for his theory of multiple intelligences, which is a critique of the notion that there exists but a single human intelligence that can be assessed by standard psychometric instruments. His most recent book, Five Minds for the Future, offers some advice for policy-makers on how to do a better job of preparing students for the 21st century. Mind Matters editor Jonah Lehrer chats with Gardner about his new book, the possibility of teaching ethics and how his concept of multiple intelligences has changed over time.
Caramel Crow

Psych Central - 0 views

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MrGhaz .

Boredom: What are the Causes of This Affliction and How Can It be Counteracted? - 0 views

    Boredom occurs when one cannot stand not having anything to do. The body may be at rest but the brain wants something to happen or to do. The first thing I notice about boredom is that it is a peculiar human affliction affecting grown - ups and teenagers. Very young children and the other living things do not seem to be bothered by boredom. Suffer From Boredom My neighbor has two dogs whose only job is to stay around the house and bark if strangers approached. Beside that they have nothing else to do. However I have never ever seen them looked bored. Usually when there is nothing in particular happening, they just retire to a corner and have a nap. Of coarse just as easily they can wake up when they have to. They do not suffer the guilt that humans have when they take a nap. Also they do not suffer from insomnia or reluctance to get up from sleep. So it is the same with the other animals and living things that I know. They do not seem to suffer from boredom.
Sarah Eeee

Online Medical Advice Can Be a Prescription for Fear - - 0 views

    NYT column comparing WebMD to the Mayo Clinic's consumer health site. Emphasizes WebMD's (to me, obvious) "hypochrondria fearmongering" as well as Mayo's reliability. These characteristics certainly apply to the entries for psychological problems on both sites. As a medical librarian, I also recommend
    Good column on WebMD versus Mayo's consumer health site.
Luis Mier

How to Keep Your Home Crime-Free This Christmas - 0 views

    Christmas is the season of goodwill to everyone, but it's also the time of year when you should be extra-vigilant with your home security.
Kendy Frank

10 Patient Communications Tips For Hospital and Clinic - 0 views

    Hospital systems and hospital-owned clinics have an opportunity to connect with patients, potential patients and those who influence them like never before. Below is a list of 10 ways to do it, and please note none of these include spending more on traditional advertising.
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