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University Degree Info - 0 views

shared by jenifarjaf on 11 Mar 15 - No Cached
    Proper Education is the light of successes. A professional degree makes one's life happy and beautiful. A proverb goes that "marriage can wait but Education cannot." So today's Education makes your future life profitable. Education gives you the ability to listen anything without losing your self confidence and your temper.

Reinventing the Big Test: The Challenge of Authentic Assessment | Edutopia - 0 views

  • Equally worrisome is that today's assessments emphasize narrow skill sets such as geometry and grammar, and omit huge chunks of what educators and business leaders say is essential for modern students to learn: creative thinking, problem solving, cooperative teamwork, technological literacy, and self-direction. Yet because NCLB has made accountability tests the tail that wags the dog of the whole education system -- threatening remediation and state takeover for schools that fall short -- what's not tested often isn't taught.
    • jkrauss
      The disconnect between high-stakes tests and the future we are preparing our kids for
  • many experts tout the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) exam for its challenging, open-ended questions on practical topics, such as climate change or the pros and cons of graffiti. Even more advanced models, some using computer simulations, will become available in a few years -- and none too soon.
  • static problem, for instance, would ask test takers to say from memory how to save a certain endangered bird species. A dynamic assessment (in a real example from Bransford's lab) asks students to use available resources to learn what it would take to prevent the white-eyed vireo from becoming endangered. This is a novel question that demands students independently dig for information and know enough to ask the right questions to reach a solution.
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  • The British government has created a computer-literacy test that challenges teens to solve realistic problems (how to control crowds at a soccer match, for instance) using online resources. The more sophisticated these tools become, and the more adeptly test makers use them, the better assessment will be.
Don Doehla

Teaching Grit: How to Help Students Overcome Inner Obstacles | Edutopia - 0 views

    Emotion researcher Richard Davidson says that cognition and emotion work together in a seamless, integrated way to help us persevere in a task. Thus, to teach grit effectively, educators need to help students cultivate both cognitive and emotional skills. Here are some research-based ideas for doing both.
Telannia Norfar

PBL Second Life Meet - 18 views

I am involved with the 2009 Unconference in Second Life for Educators on 25-27 September ( If you are interested in attending let me know. It would be great to have an info...

Pam Cannon

Language Arts Grade 1 - 2 views

started by Pam Cannon on 03 Sep 10 no follow-up yet
dean groom

Science Educators Hit the Classroom To Learn New Ways of Teaching - 0 views

    nice table of PBL core values and write up about PBL in Science.
dean groom

iThought - The Why 2 of Web 2, Ustream.TV: Will Richardson Presents the Why 2 of Web 2. Education - 0 views

    is being recorded. Inspiring Web2.0 stuuf
Robyn Page

How Smartphones and Handheld Computers Are Bringing on an Educational Revolution | Fast Company - 0 views

  • Related Contentrelated link A Is for App [Slideshow]related linkGame On! Gemma and Eliana Singer are big iPhone fans. They love to explore the latest games, flip through photos, and watch YouTube videos while waiting at a restaurant, having their hair done, or between ballet and French lessons. But the Manhattan twins don't yet have their own phones, which is good, since they probably wouldn't be able to manage the monthly data plan: In November, they turned 3.
Samantha Coleman

The Perfect Job For Me - 1 views

started by Samantha Coleman on 19 Dec 12 no follow-up yet
Walco Solutions

Academic Projects | Walco Solutions - 0 views

The final year projects and mini projects are considered to be the important parts of the engineering education system. The projects done by students in their curriculum play an important role fo...

started by Walco Solutions on 28 May 15 no follow-up yet
Walco Solutions

Academic Projects | Walco Solutions - 0 views

    We provide the best quality and unique projects at very nominal price. We are updated with the latest technology being used in the industries we try to render the same at the student level for proper technical exposure through our projects. We also conduct proper lectures, practical sessions to guide and prepare students for external viva and competitions. Programmable Logic Controller, Supervisory Control and data acquisition, Human machine Interface, Variable Frequency drive, Instrumentation, Panel designing, Embedded System, Mat lab

DMIT at Kaushalya identifies the inborn talent of your child. - 0 views

DMIT at Kaushalya identifies the inborn talent of your child and helps you to place your kid in the right path of their career.Every child is blessed with a unique talent profile.The best ch...

started by kaushalyaglobal on 10 Sep 15 no follow-up yet
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