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Is English Language So Popular because of the USA? - 0 views

Americans might tend to inflate the influence of the United States in the history of the spread of English. Before the World Wars, particularly WWII, the US was a bit player on the world stage. The...

english quiz online

started by puzznbuzzus on 17 Feb 17 no follow-up yet
Mr Clifton

Write and publish at least one - 1 views

Write and publish at least one blog post each week. Choose from the four types of posts below. Read and respond to two other blog posts each week by adding comments. \n\nReflect and ConnectWon...

started by Mr Clifton on 17 Nov 14 no follow-up yet

Common And Basic English Sentence For Daily Use |English Language Course - 0 views

Daily English Sentence In Urdu My last lesson I taught you in urdu Direct Object And In Direct Object , Vocabulary In urdu With Examples adjective +ed And adjective +ing Mostly student ask me si...

Education learning project

started by lovertariq on 21 Mar 14 no follow-up yet
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