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Suzie Boss

Project-Based Learning Camp - 22 views

    Edutopia is offering a free month-long PBL camp (I'm facilitating). We're going to use the oil spill as the starting place for designing collaborative projects that get students thinking as problem-solvers. Great opportunities here for finding classroom partners thinking like-minded collaborators. Please join us!
Suzie Boss

How to Help Your Students Observe the 9/11 Anniversary | Edutopia - 11 views

    Resources for projects relating to 9/11 anniversary in which students examine artifacts, conduct oral histories, and think critically about media.
Shelly Buchanan

Giving Students the Opportunity to Drive Lessons | Edutopia - 0 views

  • In the guided inquiry example of boiling water, the teacher knows that she wants students to understand what happens when water boils. She creates a question that will guide students to an outcome already known to them.
    • Shelly Buchanan
      I'm practicing here too. And want to add that to me this SDI scenario depicted here is actually teacher-driven. What do you think?
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