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David Wetzel

Project Based Learning in Basedematics: Learning Based in Based Designed to Extend Concept Awareness | - 30 views

    Six math projects that integrate real-world math problems are presented as a teaching strategy for helping students develop a greater understanding of math.
Michelle Krill

Project Based Learning - Based - 0 views

    'The duration of these activities may range from days to weeks, or longer. The teacher acts as a facilitator of the exercise, as students work together usually in pairs or small groups. The students may have different roles to fill and gain specific expertise in these team building events. Social interactions plays an important part. '
David Wetzel

Three Project Based Learning Resources: Free Online Resources for Student Collaboration and Problem Solving - 35 views

    Project based learning using all or any of the three online resources offers a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges.
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