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edutopia .org

Tips for Using Project-Based Learning to Teach Based Standards | Edutopia - 1 views

    Andrew Miller provides tips for conducting Math Math projects with examples
David Wetzel

Project Based Learning in Basedematics: Learning Activities in Based Designed to Extend Concept Awareness | - 30 views

    Six math projects that integrate real-world math problems are presented as a teaching strategy for helping students develop a greater understanding of math.
David Wetzel

6 Online Project Based Learning Resources for Science and Based - 27 views

    When students are engaged in learning science or math which is personal to them (real world problem solving), they become more engaged in the learning process. Project math learning situations in science and math increase opportunity for students to internalize and make connections.
Don Doehla

Experts & NewBIEs | Bloggers on Project Based Learning: Building Parent Support for Project Based Learning - 1 views

    When a teacher, school, or district tells parents and community members, "We're going to do Project Based Learning!" the response may vary. You're lucky if some say, "Great news! Students need to be taught differently these days!" but a more typical response might be: What's Project Based Learning?  That's not how I was taught. Why do we need Based, if (a) our school is already doing well, or (b) what we really need is a better literacy/Based program to raise test scores?  Isn't that just a trendy new thing that doesn't really work?  How is this going to affect my child (and me)?  Basically, they're asking for the what, why, and how. Here are some successful strategies we've seen to answer these questions.
David Wetzel

Three Project Based Learning Resources: Free Online Resources for Student Collaboration and Problem Solving - 35 views

    Project based learning using all or any of the three online resources offers a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges.
Michelle Krill

Project Based Learning - Based - 0 views

    'The duration of these activities may range from days to weeks, or longer. The teacher acts as a facilitator of the exercise, as students work together usually in pairs or small groups. The students may have different roles to fill and gain specific expertise in these team building events. Social interactions plays an important part. '
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