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Scott O'Raw

Weblogg-ed » Study: Young Kids Online - 0 views

    study of social networks aimed at children
Gloria Becker

Teach21 Project Based Learning - 0 views

    Teach21 Project Based Learning Making a Difference in Our World Community Social Studies Third Grade
Rocket Rocket

Dissertation/Thesis Writing Help - 1 views

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Keith Dennison

seven thirty-five a.m. - 2 views

    I am just starting a blog as part of a reflective practice. I also want to use it to connect with people who are interested in education and interested in smart inclusion of technology into the classroom. It's brand new, but I have a post on there with examples of what we're doing at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in Flemington, NJ.
Kathleen N

The History Game Canada - 0 views

    The History Game Canada is a game based on Canadian history that lets anyone play the past. Based on the award-winning, best-seller Sid Meier's Civilization III, The History Game Canada is the "What If" game of Canada... and you're the author. Will you replay our history or rewrite it? History teachers and high-school students are our primary audience, but we think we've designed a game that will appeal to all ages, all Civilization players, and anyone with a passing interest in the history of North America and particularly Canada. You'll need a copy of Civilzation III Conquests (patched to version 1.22) or a copy of Civilization III Complete. (Canada pack is free)

Alberta Education Online Teaching Resource for Social Studies - 0 views

    Alberta schools use the Critical Thinking Consortium's tools for guiding inquiry. I looked into the one about investigating pictures.

Just Saying Hello and Happy Summer. - 0 views

Looking forward to sharing collaborative projects and growing my professional learning network (PBL) with you. I teach 9th grade Social Studies & a Pd.D. student in Brooklyn, NY. Right now, I am ta...

#pbl #hello #education #collaboration #pln #innovation #newpeople

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