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Corporate Credo of 1948: Shareholder Profits Didn't Always Trump Every Other Possible C... - 0 views

    The corporation's responsibiities, per Johnson & Johnson CEO, 1948, in order of priority:

    1. First responsibility is to those who use our product; we must offer high quality at low prices, and deliver our product with prompt, accurate service.

    2.  Second responsibility is to all employees of the corporation, providing fair pay, job security, healthy working conditions, respect for each individual, and justice in management and governance of both employees and operations.   

    3. Third responsibility is to hire corporate executives possessing integrity, talent, common sense, personal wisdom, education, and experience.

    4. Four responisibility is to the communities in which our corporate facilities are embedded. Corporations must be good citizens, contributing to the health and viability of the commonweal, supporting civic improvement, improved health, education, and government, reinvest in the corporation's larger community and infrastructure  by paying fair taxes, and being good stewards of the unsustainable resources used in conducting business activities.

    6. Last responsibility is to shareholders/stockholders via creation of sound, sustainable profit and fair returns to investors.

avivajazz  jazzaviva

Study: Wealthy Stockbrokers More Dangerous Than Psychopaths - 0 views

    David Sirota
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