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rich hilts

First the FCC, Now the EPA Overreaches - 1 views

    ou guessed it.

    We've been waiting for this.

    Here comes King Kamehobama, down from his throne to bestow his munificence upon his subjects.

    He knows better. He knows the globe is warming with record cooling - it's a gut feeling you see.
rich hilts

TWO Powerhouses On ONE Show- Dec 18th - 0 views

    Two hosts, one show - hot discussions on some of the hottest topics from Don't Ask Don't Tell to Conservative Cannibalism - visit the link to see more info!
Michael Haltman

Gallup daily tracking for BP oil spill: Obama, federal government and BP all get failin... - 1 views

    The time for presidential rhetoric is over. It is time for some action. This performance makes Katrina look like a home run!
Michael Haltman

Obama creates jobs; Just not American jobs - 0 views

    Stimulus Creates A Limited Number Of "Real" New Jobs
    When The President Can Lead By Example, He Chooses Not To

    We have all heard the cries of success from the Administration on the supposed success of the Stimulus Bill in creating new jobs for the American people who are so desperate to find them. As it turns out the statistics that have been trumpeted have been hyped and are prone to political hyperbole...
Jennifer Fagala

Drugs over Marriage: The insanity of voting for the right to marry - 0 views

    I think voting on rights is ridiculous to begin with, but when I think of the people who fought for this discrimination - organizations like NOM who are not even IN Maine... it makes my blood boil! What right does the majority have to tell another adult citizens who they can marry.
Justin Young

Beck Not An Original Thinker [img] - 0 views

    Times haven't changed.
Peter Dearman

Torture Accountability - Who We Are - 0 views

    Torture Accountability is a coalition comprised of different Human Rights and activist groups seeking justice for those who were tortured and for the war crimes committed in violation of the laws of the United States, the Geneva Convention and all treaties to which the United States is a signatory.
alex thorn

Fedfolder: The U.S. Government on One Page. - 0 views

shared by alex thorn on 16 May 08 - Cached
    The US Government on One Page... great site.
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