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Alberto Adrián Schiano

Perl 101 - Index - 0 views

  • Our goal is not to cover everything in Perl, or make you an expert. What we've found, though, is that many Perl programmers don't know what they don't know. hopes to change that.
    Basic perl learning with articles
    Aprendizaje basico de perl con articulos

Alberto Adrián Schiano

Wikis for Perl and Perl Beginners - 0 views

  • Central Perl Wikis - Wiki for Perl
    from Perl Australia - a MediaWiki-based Wiki from Perl Australia. See
    its resources for

    Perl Wiki at the Wikia -
    a Perl wiki at Wikia, a
    community MediaWiki hosting service.

    Perl at the
    English Wikipedia - The wikipedia is a multi-lingual world-editable
    encyclopedia. The Perl Page contains links to other pages inside the wikipedia
    about Perl.

    "Programming Perl" in
    the wikibooks - a Book about Perl programming in the Wikibooks project.

    Wikis on Specialised Topics

    Win32 Perl
    Wiki - a Wiki for Perl on Microsoft Windows.

    The Perl QA Wiki - wiki about QA (Quality
    Assurance or testing) of Perl and with Perl.

    Local Perl Groups' Wikis

    Israeli Perl Mongers Wiki. Also see
    the wiki for the OSDC::Israel

    Portland Perl Mongers Wiki.
Alberto Adrián Schiano

Perl 5 Wiki / Perl 5 Wiki - 0 views

    The English perl wiki! At last a place to find everything and search for all that perl involves
    ¡El wiki ingles de perl! Al fin un lugar adonde hallarlo todo y buscar todo lo que perl abarca

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