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Steve Madsen

Domabotics - 0 views

shared by Steve Madsen on 26 Dec 08 - Cached
  • Robotics is fast becoming an integral part of the school curriculum with it's ability to integrate across a broad range of topics, most notably the Technology, Science and Math Key Learning Areas. Robotics encourages kids to think creatively, analyse situations and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to real world problems. Teamwork and co-operation are a cornerstone of any robotics project. Students learn it is acceptable to make mistakes, especially if it leads them to better solutions. Robotics is a fun and engaging way to teach fundamental technology, maths and science concepts.
    • Steve Madsen
      Nice description as to why to teach robotics
    Australian site that seems to deal with robotics indepth.
Roland Gesthuizen

Team Building Techniques for Teachers | - 5 views

    Even though teachers spend most of their time interacting with students, they also need to work with each other to develop teaching skills and cohesiveness amongst department teams. Play motivational games and do activities with your teachers to create a bond among them. Designate one or two afternoons after school hours to conduct team-building games for your staff.
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