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Aaron Davis

Why borrowing from the 'best' school systems sounds good - but isn't - The Washington Post - 0 views

  • In education, too, the impact of policy borrowing is far less immediate or impressive. For those who work in classrooms and schools, the inconvenient truth is that the real benefits of borrowing from the best are not always visible or tangible.
  • Policies can be easily borrowed, but the processes of implementation that make them work in context largely cannot
  • *Take effective design principles rather than entire policies, and develop new approaches based on these. *Develop such approaches in context by drawing heavily upon the good and effective practice that already resides within the system. *Put in place high-quality implementation processes so that the impact of any new approach will be maximized. *Invest in continued adaptation and refinement of any new initiative or intervention to ensure a close cultural and contextual fit.
    A post from Alma Harris, Yong Zhao and Michelle Jones on the importance of developing contextual solutions. A reminder why things like IOI Process and the Modern Learning Canvas are so important as they offer a method for developing unique solutions.
Tony Searl

Political Debate In Australia - 1 views

  • Despite the exponential increases in public education and access to information in the past century, the quality of political debate appears to have become increasingly unsophisticated, appealing to the lowest common denominator of understanding
    • Tony Searl
      this is so true
  • In 1860 the technology was primitive but the ideas were profound and sophisticated. In 2011 technology is sophisticated but the ideas uttered by presidential aspirants are embarrassing in their banality, ignorance and naivety.
    • Tony Searl
      absolutely why little of the DER has ANYTHING to do with technology. Like a rat with a gold tooth
  • In 2006 I suggested that it might be time to actually define ''Education'', something omitted in the draft bill, and to explore its role in personal and community life, but this was rejected as too ambitious.
    This is by far the best-educated cohort in our history - on paper, anyway - but apparently lacking in courage, judgment, capacity to analyse or even simple curiosity, except about immediate personal needs.
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