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Sport Stereo Headphones with Microphone - 0 views

Item Name: 3.5mm Jack Standard Wired Headsets Bass Earphones Model: Wired Headset Portable Earphone: In-Ear Earphones Headset Headset Channel: Mini Portable Earphone Headphone Consumer Electronic: ...

started by ava777 on 21 May 19 no follow-up yet
Steve Madsen

100 Free and Useful Portable Apps for College Students - 3 views

    From the library to the dorm room to a friend's computer, it's not uncommon for college students to find themselves using a different computer all the time. Putting small and versatile apps on flash drives allows students to take their important programs with them wherever they go. The following portable apps cover everything from documents to note-taking to organization to security to helpful tools and more, are all small enough to go anywhere, and cost absolutely nothing.

Portable Wall Electric Heater - 0 views

The easy to move portable heater can be mounted to a ceiling joist or wall and is made for smaller garages, professional workshops Wonder heater plug in is the whole room space heater that plugs ri...

started by ava777 on 14 May 19 no follow-up yet

Convenient Portable Reading Lamp with Clip - 0 views

Light Color: White Features: Mini LED Clip, Portable Booklight Bright white LED for reading. Compatibility: for Amazon Kindle 1,2,3,3G Wifi, 4, Any Ebook, Magazines, Book Cover, Laptops Insert batt...

started by ava777 on 17 May 19 no follow-up yet

Lightweight Portable Head Rain Sun Umbrella Unisex - 0 views

Portable design.Don't let the rain or strong sun spoil your fun! Keep yourself sheltered with this umbrella hat. For camping, fishing, golfing, hiking and other outdoor activities. One size fits mo...

started by ava777 on 20 May 19 no follow-up yet
Tony Searl

What is Plexus? | Plexus - 5 views

    What is Plexus? Personal * Portable * Private Plexus is a free and open source software 'switchboard' which handles all of your social networking needs.
John Pearce

iPads in Education - Exploring the use of iPads and Tablet computers in education. - 6 views

    "Tablet computing and personal electronic devices such as iPads promise to have a dramatic impact on education. This Ning network was created to explore new and innovative ways iPads and other portable devices could be used in schools and colleges."
Kerry J

Video Standards Report - 1 views

    The purpose of the Video Standards Report - 2011 is to provide information to help  e-learning content developers make informed decisions about the use of video formats, codecs and delivery systems for e-learning video content. The report is intended to be used in conjunction with the current VET standards, which are available at: possible, this report aims to ensure that VET video standards support current and future needs of VET e-learning practitioners, particularly given the fast-changing digital media landscape. It acknowledges that content items need to:  have a long life span   operate across a broad range of potential platforms and applications   run on a wide range of devices, including portable media-browsing devices. 
Rhondda Powling - 0 views

    The infographic follows the history of mobile productivity. From the first portable handset. the groundwork for today's app stores laid in the 1990s to today's devices smartphones and tablets.
Rhondda Powling

TeachThought52 Tips And Tricks For Google Docs In The Classroom - 2 views

    Google Docs is a versatile tool for students. It allows for collaboration, is easily portable, easy to use, and has widespread acceptance. There are also many options, both hidden and obvious, thatallow you to use Google Docs to its fullest capability. This post lists 52 great tips for getting the most out of Google Docs as a student, with ideas and tricks for collaboration, sharing, and staying productive
crescent crave

Apple Inc. - Job Vacancies - Jobs Worldwide - 0 views

    Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Cupertino, California. It develops, designs, and sell computer software, consumer electronics, offers online services. Some of its hardware products are iPad Tablet computer, iPhone Smartphone, Mac personal computer, Apple Smartwatch, Apple TV digital media player, and iPod portable media player. Aside from hardware, they also have software like MacOS and iOS, Safari web browser, iLife and iWork creativity and productivity suites, and iTunes media player. The company also offer services like the iTunes Store, iCloud, Mac App Store, Apple Music, and the iOS App Store.
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