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Roland Gesthuizen

Screenr - rgesthuizen: A 4 min screencast I made of a lightning workshop about #Twitter and #PLN that I ran at school. - 3 views

    A 4 min screencast I made of a lightning workshop about #Twitter and #PLN that I ran at school.
Roland Gesthuizen

Please Stop Thinking About Tomorrow : Stager-to-Go - 4 views

  • Let’s stop talking about the future and start doing something now! Generations of children have missed-out on rewarding educational experiences while we worry about how corporate meetings will be conducted in 2019.
  • Suggestions for school improvement: smaller classes a curriculum related to real life better teacher education teachers make room in the curriculum for the folk-tales of children’s ancestors parents encouraged to visit the school more intimate contact with people outside of school and cooperating with the entire neighborhood
    "Even if the technological progress gap between 2000 and 2010 was enormous, there is almost zero evidence that it has made an impact on education. Yeah, I know. "Blogging changed your life. Your PLN saved you from social isolation…" Social media just doesn't feel that new to me and I challenge you to argue that it has had more than an infinitesimal impact on classroom practice."
    Nice blog article that reflects on the past decade, without getting lost in the next.
Kerry J

Taylor Swift - help teach a class? | Flickr - Photo Sharing! - 0 views

    This teacher's kids want to use pop music they love for a project.  Their teacher wants them to do so legally and with respect, so he's trying to contact the artist directly.  To get her attention (the artist is Taylor Swift), he's asking all his Twitter PLN to re-tweet his open letter to Taylor Swift to her Twitter account, so her mentions column will be filled with the RT of his letter.  If you Tweet, please copy and paste this into Twitter:RT @thenerdyteacher An Open Letter to @TaylorSwift13 -
Rhondda Powling

The new era of workplace learning - 3 views

    The new era of workplace learning - Jane Hart This is the second of a two-part article that looks at the emerging trends in learning tools and workplace learning. In this part, Jane Hart, a Social Business Consultant from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies - www.C4LPT - and a member of the Internet Time Alliance, looks at the future of workplace learning and the implications for Learning & Development.
Tony Searl

PLE - 0 views

  • Tim Hand, PLE Diagram -
    • Tony Searl
      Tim Hand DET NSW TaLe & 2009 Tools project
    A Collection of PLE diagrams As preparation for a workshop I am giving this fall I thought it would be interesting to collect together all the diagrams of PLEs I could find, as a compare and contrast sort of exercise. If you have others, I'd love to know
John Pearce

twitter4teachers / FrontPage - 0 views

    This wiki was created to easily help educators find other educators on Twitter that have the same interests as them (that teach in the same content area). Check out the list of educators on the pages linked below and add your Twitter name to the appropriate list too.
Steve Madsen

Announcing "Diigo Educator Accounts - 0 views

    Great tool that can be used for collaboration within a class. It is possible (with proper tagging) to list these bookmarks within students' wikis. Updates delicious accounts automatically as well. Highly recommended.
    Today, we are happy to announce the release of Diigo Educator Accounts, a suite of features that makes it incredibly easy for teachers to get their entire class of students or their peers started on collaborative research using Diigo's powerful web annotation and social bookmarking technology.
Erin Sawyer

ulearnchch08 » Diigo » edit - 0 views

    My Ulearn notes wiki
Jenny Gilbert

Section 1: Getting Started | SocioloG+ - 7 views

    best guide found so far for getting to know G+ 

Blog: What Ed Said - 3 views

    Love this blog
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