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Rhondda Powling

Empower Students to Take Ownership of Learning | TeachHUB - 2 views

    Not new ideas but still useful and relevant to see them listed here
Rhondda Powling

Student-Led Conferences: Empowerment and Ownership | Edutopia - 0 views

    "Parent teacher conferences at Wildwood Elementary are actually a time when the teachers do very little talking. Instead, the students run the conferences, informing their parents about how they're doing, what their goals are going forward, and what kind of learners they are."
Darrel Branson

Government goes it alone on NBN - Telecommunications - iTnews Australia - 0 views

    The Australian Government will build its own $43 billion National Broadband Network, in a move that returns Australia's telecommunications economy to an era of part-public, part-private ownership.
Tony Searl

Emerging Practice in a Digital Age : JISC | Diigo - 1 views

    Aimed at those in further and higher education who design and support learning, the guide draws on recent JISC reports and case studies to investigate how the emergence of new and more powerful technologies together with an increase in personal ownership of these technologies are changing the way we connect, communicate and collaborate, and how these changes can benefit learning. The focus of this guide is on emerging practice rather than emerging technology.
Rhondda Powling

Students Can Learn From Their Mistakes If We Let Them - Finding Common Ground - Education Week - 1 views

    "There are many ways to build student engagement in the classroom. What we need to get away from is the adult in the classroom answering their own questions, and fostering an atmosphere where students can rely on each other and work in collaboration. As with anything, this requires balance because we want to make sure the student who doesn't want to answer questions actually takes the opportunity to do so. As Hattie says learning is hard work and it offers us challenges. We know that as adults but want to prevent our students from seeing the challenge because it doesn't always feel good. We need to change our expectations to make sure that students understand they do have to take ownership over their own learning, and not giving them the answers sometimes may be the place to start. "
Roland Gesthuizen

Rise in number of Australian kids with smartphones | - 2 views

    "The sharp increase in mobile phone ownership amongst children has resulted in cyber safety experts calling for parents to ditch smart phones for "dumb phones'' ... Mobile phones have also saturated the teenage demographic with 94 per cent of 16 and 17-year olds now owning a phone."
Tony Searl

elearnspace › The urgent need for education/learning tech entrepreneurs - 3 views

  • existing organizational structures are generally too inhibiting to permit broad scaling. Change must come from the outside
  • entrepreneurs as risk takers who take ownership of an idea or concept and strive to produce systemic impact.
  • I don’t see suitable or viable models for new idea generation and broad implementation outside of entrepreneurship
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • There is a great need for educators to be part of the process from the bottom up, not as add ons and hired guns.
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