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Ruth Howard

Activate! | Overview - 1 views

    Activate encourages games that can change civic and ecological outcomes in real world ( problem solving) and teach how to create those games also.
Rhondda Powling

Zerofootprint: Footprint Calculator - 6 views

    A clever and interactive tool that works as a carbon footprint calculator for kids. Quite interesting results, depending on what you choose
Lynne Crowe

Welcome to PestWorld for Kids - Exploring pest ecology for elementary school teachers and students - 0 views

    What are pests? Think of them as animals out of place. Out in nature, they're just doing their jobs. But when they move into our homes and yards, then we call them pests. So come explore the world of pests. Then you can use your knowledge to outwit the pests in your world.
Keri-Lee Beasley

Green Maven - The Green Search Engine - 0 views

    Search engine for green & sustainable websites. Would be good for kids who are studying this sort of thing.
Rhondda Powling

EIA Energy Kids - What Is Energy? - 4 views

    Energy Kids is a website produced by the US Energy Information Administration for the purpose of educating students about energy and its many forms. Energy Kids provides a wealth of easily accessible information about energy which students can use to play games, solve riddles, and take quizzes about energy. Some of the games students will find include Energy Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and riddles. Energy Kids also provides students of all ages with ideas and outlines for science fair projects around the energy theme. The science fair projects are available as free PDF downloads.
Rhondda Powling

Encyclopedia of Life - 0 views

    A site for the scientific users set up by the inspirational E.O. Wilson. The EOL is managed by a partnership of natural history institutions in the United States. The content results from collaboration with a multitude of institutions and individuals from across the world. The website has become more sophisticated in offering anyone, expert or not, the opportunity to contribute.
Christine Haynes

Gooru | A Free Search Engine for Learning | Sign up, Sign in - 1 views

    Gooru is a new service (still carrying the Alpha label) that aims to provide teachers and students with an extensive collection of videos, interactive displays, documents, diagrams, and quizzes for learning about topics in math and science. As a Gooru member you have access to hundreds of resources according to subject areas such as chemistry, biology, ecology, algebra, calculus, and more. Within each subject area you can look for resources according to media type such as video, interactive display, slides, text, and lesson plans. When you find resources that you want to use, drag them to the resources folder within your account. Gooru also offers you the option to add resources to your folders even if you did not find them within Gooru.
    A search engine for learning. Aimed at Year 5+, millions of resources alligned to US Common Core standards.
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