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Jenny Gilbert

for the love of learning: Are badges an alternative for grading? - 2 views

    Assessment is not a spreadsheet -- it's a conversation.
John Pearce

Buzzword alert - Gamification « Generation YES Blog - 2 views

    "Have you been gamified yet? Perhaps not a painful as it sounds, gamification is on its way to becoming THE buzzword of 2011. Social media engagement tools such as badges, points, levels, leaderboards, etc are making their way out of hipster apps to every online engagement you can think of. Yes, it all sounds oddly familiar (green stamps, reward cards, etc.) but of course, it's all NEW NEW NEW, with gurus and pundits claiming that gamification will change the way we live and of course, spend money."
Rhondda Powling

What is Connected Learning | Connected Learning - 2 views

    Post with infographic and video that tries to explain what connected learning is and why it offers an important pathway in education
Roland Gesthuizen

E-Learning Journeys: Highlights of ACEC 2014 - Citizenship, Global Competence, Badges, 21C ideas! - 1 views

    "My first ACEC (Australian Computers in Education Conference) was two weeks ago in Adelaide. Many colleagues and ISTE friends from Australia and beyond had shared their past experiences with this reputable event, so now I am 'back' in Oz it was time for me to find out more. "
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