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Alison Hall

Easy RSS for schools - - 0 views

    Australian teachers can add content from edna into their own websites by using RSS services. This free service, enables edna's shared information to be accessible directly to a school's own website or teachers personal computer via a free RSS reader.
Suzie Vesper

Tabbloid - 0 views

shared by Suzie Vesper on 06 Nov 08 - Cached
    Make PDF newletters from your RSS feeds.

EMail Is For Old People - EMail Is For Old People - 0 views

    Numerous web resources such as social bookmarking, social networks, RSS aggregation, blogs, and Twitter can be used to keep school board members, administrators and teachers up to date on emerging technology, teaching resources, and support networks
Suzie Vesper

xFruits - Compose your information system - 0 views

shared by Suzie Vesper on 11 Nov 08 - Cached
    Mix up your RSS feeds in a variety of ways.
John Pearce

Pageflakes For Educators - 0 views

    This is an education focussed version of the popular RSS aggregator Pageflakes. It comes preconfigured with a wole host of widgets though these can be easily modified and added to from the Educational Gallery. By default, all your pages are private. Of course you can have as many pages (tabs) as you want.
Rhondda Powling

Diffbot: Follow Anything - 1 views

    Diffbot looks like a new sort of RSS reader but one that turns webpages of choice into a "newspaper" sort of look. This may offer others an easier way to read this information
Tony Searl

Netskills: Web2practice - 5 views

    Are you thinking about using web2tools for research, administration or teaching? If so, make a quick start with the web2practice user guides. The web2practice guides explain how emergent web technologies like RSS, microblogging, podcasting and social media can enhance your working practice. Each guide consists of a short animated video explaining the key concepts (such as microblogging in the example below), supported by a more in-depth guide covering potential uses, risks and how to get started.
Jenny Gilbert

Connect | Bright ideas SLAV Global - 2 views

    Fantastic resources regularly - via RSS or newsletter -
Rhondda Powling

How To Embed Practically Anything On Your Blog or Website - 4 views

    A post from Mashable. People want the hands-down, easiest way to embed practically things onto their blog or website. nThere are many7 tools to help you do that. "The nature of the web is such that sharing and republishing content is common - and often even encouraged. The problem is, we increasingly store bits of our data on various services scattered across the web. Aggregating that content into one centralized personal hub can be time consuming - requiring user to manually copy text and links or upload files and photos - or fiddling with RSS feeds trying to make content automagically appear"
Tony Searl

Piazza, a Homework Help Site, Has a Social Networking Twist - - 5 views

  • Education is a big focus area for us. You’re going to see big fundamental shifts in the way education is performed,” said Aydin Senkut
  • Its peers include Kno and Inkling, two platforms for interactive, digital textbooks.
  • Imagine K12
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • “With Piazza, it’s about turning data into actionable intelligence. We want to empower people to ask and answer questions, and we’re going to measure every aspect of it.”
  • “Piazza gave the students a community, especially in the middle of the night, when the instructors were sleeping,” Professor Rexford said. “The students were more interactive in general, and it was a time saver all-around.”
    Piazza, the Italian term for a public square, is part of a growing group of technology start-ups hoping to disrupt the education market.
Rhondda Powling

Feeed - The visual feed reader - 1 views

    Feeed is a simple and elegant web-service which allows you to easily create a visual magazine by aggregating any number of blogs or RSS feeds. You input the URL of your blog, Twitter channel, and any other site or feed you may want to include (up to 8) and Feeed will automatically aggregate and display all of the incoming content into a neat visual page.
Rhondda Powling

Content Curation Tools - The Newsmaster Toolkit by Robin Good - Mind Map - 3 views

    From Robin Good: "The map presently lists over 250 content curation tools which you can navigate much more easily than it was possible on my earlier versions of this map. On the right side of the map you will find all of the news and content curation tools available online today. On the left side, you can find bookmarking, link lists builders, clippers and lots of tools to operate with RSS feeds (which are still at the heart of a curator's job)."
dean groom

HOW TO: Use Google Reader Like A Rockstar - 0 views

    As a browser based application it's easy to get going; no need to download software. To start using Google Reader, simply go to the main page and sign in using your Google account or create a new one. Once you do this you'll need to find some content to read.
Lynne Crowe

Welcome - idiomag | your music magazine - 0 views

    Make a magazine of your favouriet music
Jarrod Robinson

RssGeni - Startpage - 0 views

shared by Jarrod Robinson on 02 Sep 09 - Cached
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