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John Pearce

Neat Chat! - 1 views

    This is another quick and easy to use chatroom like tiny chat. To start a chat session, all you need to do is go to our homepage, enter your nickname, and click the Start Group button. Once you do that, your chat session is started, and your browser loads the session's chat room. You then invite people by sending them the URL of the chat room. When your invitees access the URL, they enter the chat room to chat with you.
John Pearce

Cure The Bullies - 6 views

    A cyberbullying 'epidemic' has hit our shores and threatens to contaminate our children through emails, chatrooms, blogs, mobile phones and social networking sites. The Bullies are nasty, highly contagious viruses that lurk in cyberspace, infecting young cyber citizens with unacceptable online behaviours. And unfortunately, something seemingly innocent such as forwarding an unpleasant email to someone can cause instant contamination. But help is at hand. SchoolAid, in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation, has launched a national campaign that identifies and personifies the different types of cyberbullying behaviours, and in particular, bystander behaviour, to raise awareness of this crucial issue, while encouraging open discussion among children and adults alike.
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