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John Pearce

Collaborative Schooling - 0 views

    "Collaborative schooling is a model where the school collaborates with, and provides direction and support for its homes and community. It recognizes the profound impact the home has upon education and that in most of the students' homes and communities there is a vast, largely untapped 'teaching' capacity. It therefore seeks to integrate the efforts of the home and the school. The school has already recognized the opportunities the network and digital technologies provide for the school to network and work collaboratively with their homes and desired parts of their school community. This is seen in the following:"
Nigel Coutts

Confronting the fear and challenge of a new curriculum - The Learner's Way - 0 views

    Our learners will never now a world where Digital Technologies are not the norm. Using solutions developed within this space and with this mindset is already their normal. Unless they are to be slaves to this technology we must also empower them to be creators of digital solutions. To do this we must begin with recognising the challenges that a curriculum built around mastery of Digital Technologies brings to our teachers and seek to understand the supports they require.
John Pearce

Reinventing school - you co-design it. we make it possible - 0 views

    "We invite students, teachers, designers, parents, careres, architects, industrial designers, interactive designers, interior designers, gardeners to join in and ideate, design, prototype new possibilities and reinvent the school experience in Australia. This is another ideas@play project."
Roland Gesthuizen

21 Signs You're a 21st Century Teacher - SimpleK12 - 7 views

    "Are you a 21st Century Teacher?"
    Basically a list of what it takes to become a progressive teacher that engages with learning technologies and adopts new learning spaces. As an Australian, I smiled at the second item.
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