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Tania Sheko

Wiki:Introduction to Blogging | Social Media CoLab - 1 views

  •  1. Link to a website -- a blog post, online story from a mainstream media organization, any kind of website -- and criticize it. If you can provide evidence that the facts presented in the criticized website are wrong, then do so, but your criticism doesn't have to be about factual inaccuracy. Debate the logic or possible bias of the author. Make a counter-argument. Point out what the author leaves out. Voice your own opinion in response.
    • Tania Sheko
      Critical literacies can be taught using social media.
  •  1. Pick a position about a public issue, any public issue, that you are passionate about. Immigration. Digital rights management. Steroid use by athletes. Any issue you care about.  2. Make a case for something -- a position, an action, a policy -- related to this public issue. You don't have to prove your case, but you have to make it. It doesn't have to be an original position, but you need to go beyond quoting the positions of others. Provide an answer to your public's question: "What does the author of this blog post want me to know, believe, think, or do?"  3. Use links to back up or add persuasiveness to your case. Use links to build your argument. Use factual sources, statements by others that corroborate your assertions, instances that illustrate the point you want to make.
    • Tania Sheko
      Another good exercise to develop critical literacies using social media.
Tony Searl

Netskills: Web2practice - 5 views

    Are you thinking about using web2tools for research, administration or teaching? If so, make a quick start with the web2practice user guides. The web2practice guides explain how emergent web technologies like RSS, microblogging, podcasting and social media can enhance your working practice. Each guide consists of a short animated video explaining the key concepts (such as microblogging in the example below), supported by a more in-depth guide covering potential uses, risks and how to get started.
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