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Sue Tapp

Age article about non-web based app for creating rubrics on iPads - 1 views

    Rubrica a non web based iPad app for creating rubrics for teachers
rasel ahmed

Joy of Shopping LLC - 0 views

    Joy of Shopping LLC
Michelle Thompson

LOL of the Week | TeachBytes - 0 views

    From another Diigo site.
Ruth Howard

Why Should Fifth Graders Learn to Program? | MindShift - 5 views

    Learning programming in primary school. And it's significance as a basic literacy.
Ruth Howard

Infotention How-to (Discovery) | Social Media Classroom - 0 views

    "First step in creating a radar is process of discovery" Howard Rheingold on Infotention How To 
Ruth Howard

Create stories using social media - - 6 views

    curate through social media using story telling
Rhondda Powling

Keeping It Real | edSocialMedia - 1 views

    A post about one teacher's experience. "At the beginning of the school year, I thought that the social media class that I do with tenth graders would help me write a constant stream of edSocialMedia articles through the year. It didn't quite work out that way, but the class has given me a lot to think through"
Roland Gesthuizen

Free Technology for Teachers: 10 Ways for Teachers & Students to Build Websites - 7 views

    websites are good for providing a static resource of information, blogs are good for frequent updates and communication, and a wiki is great for collaborating on the creation of a reference site. For the teacher who wants to create a website, here are ten good platforms to try.
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