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Michelle Thompson

Blended Learning - YouTube - 0 views

    Innovative use of blended learning, using a rotating centres approach: Teacher instruction, Group work, Technology group. They are able to do more differentiated instruction within this model and looks like they're using some digital curriculum or an LMS.
Rhondda Powling

You Raise your Children; I Will Teach them French: Rosalind Wiseman at TEDxTeachersColl... - 0 views

    Excellent talk, interesting insights at TEDx. "Rosalind Wiseman addresses the complex problem of bullying in schools, and how administrators and parents need to support kids to make schools the safe places that they should be. Teachers, administrators and bullying prevention experts will relate to the challenges."
Kerry J

Beta | Goalbook - 3 views

    A social networking platform based on designing and celebrating personal goals. I'm keen to get this going as a means of tracking and reporting on personal and class goals.
Rhondda Powling

Digital Culture & Education: Classroom perspectives - Digital Culture & Education - 2 views

    In this issue we present articles that push the boundaries of research on digital cultures, teaching, and technologies in fruitful and generative directions.  Researchers and practitioners in this issue present case studies and analysis of practical classroom use of copyright literacies, learning management systems, mobile/cell phones, social video, Twitter, and Google Reader.  The articles demonstrate how the affordances of digital culture have shifted our understandings of how pupils learn as content can be accessed, designed, and shared.  Despite the affordances of digital culture, teaching and learning-with and through digital technologies-requires effective pedagogy.  Digital technologies are not 'teacher-proof' tools; they require thoughtful and thorough integration into pedagogy, in a manner that reflects carefully articulated instructional and learning goals
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