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Kerry J

Digital Media and Learning Research Hub (MacArthur Foundation) - 1 views

    " We investigate the ways in which digital technology is changing learning environments, social and civic institutions, and youth culture. We work to support the growth of the emerging digital media and learning field and community. We spread thought leadership and best practices for next generation learning and civics. How we do it Carry out an extensive agenda of original research Provide a gathering place for those interested in new models of learning Host a weekly webinar series  Produce blogs, websites, a report series, other publications Hold an annual conference Support emerging scholars by sponsoring workshops, working groups and a weeklong summer institute Partner with like-minded research organizations and individuals"
Tony Searl

Heutagogy and lifelong learning: A review of heutagogical practice and self-determined ... - 2 views

  • a more self-directed and self-determined approach is needed, one in which the learner reflects upon what is learned and how it is learned and in which educators teach learners how to teach themselves (Peters, 2001, 2004; Kamenetz, 2010).
  • Heutagogy applies a holistic approach to developing learner capabilities, with learning as an active and proactive process, and learners serving as “the major agent in their own learning, which occurs as a result of personal experiences” (Hase & Kenyon, 2007, p. 112).
  • Competency can be understood as proven ability in acquiring knowledge and skills, while capability is characterized by learner confidence in his or her competency and, as a result, the ability “to take appropriate and effective action to formulate and solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar and changing settings”
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  • Research on the use of social media and its role in supporting heutagogy is limited, however, indicating that this is an area for further investigation.
  • important characteristic of heutagogy is that of reflective practice, “a critical learning skill associated with knowing how to learn” (Hase, 2009, p. 49). According to Schön (1983), reflective practice supports learners in becoming lifelong learners, as “when a practitioner becomes a researcher into his own practice, he engages in a continuing process of self-education” (p. 299).
  • primarily by placing value on learner self-direction of the learning process
    In a heutagogical approach to teaching and learning, learners are highly autonomous and self-determined and emphasis is placed on development of learner capacity and capability with the goal of producing learners who are well-prepared for the complexities of today's workplace. The approach has been proposed as a theory for applying to emerging technologies in distance education and for guiding distance education practice and the ways in which distance educators develop and deliver instruction using newer technologies such as social media.
Roland Gesthuizen

Australian Council for Educational Leaders: ACEL Home - 2 views

    As Australia's peak professional organisation ACEL is a forward thinking, relevant and responsive agent of change and innovation.  ACEL is a not-for-profit company and a 21st Century learning organisation that is continuously improving its practices to harness national and global opportunities. As the premier provider of resources and experiences for educational leaders, ACEL's membership continues to grow with over 6500 members actively connecting and participating in regular professional learning opportunities.
Rhondda Powling

Guest Blog: The educational value of creative disobedience - 2 views

    An article by Andrea Kuszewski in Scientific American. It's a research based look at why traditional teaching methods suck the creativity out of us and the hard work each of us needs to do to escape the effects as we grow into adulthood.
Rhondda Powling

How my students started using Evernote - Education Series « Evernote Blogcast - 5 views

    One teachers ideas about how to use Evernote in the classroom...
Rhondda Powling

Tech Transformation Blog : Assessment OF learning -v- Assessment FOR learning - 4 views

    Assessment, Teaching and Learning
Rhondda Powling

Do Podcasts Help Students Learn? - 3 views

    In Autumn 2009, the George Washington University's Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning studied a world history class of 262 students to find the answer. The answer isn't simply "yes or no" - it depends on the student's learning style, gender and motivation.
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