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Tony Searl

Irving Wladawsky-Berger: The Power of Pull - 3 views

  • “It is no accident that most of these early examples of creation spaces are initially attracting individuals rather than institutions.  Passionate individuals (that’s you) naturally seek out these creation spaces to get better faster, while most institutions are still deeply concerned about protection of knowledge stocks and do not yet see the growing importance of knowledge flows in driving performance improvement.  As passionate individuals engage and experience the performance benefits of participation, they will help to drag institutions more broadly into relevant creation spaces, becoming catalysts for the institutional innovations required for effective participation.”
    • Tony Searl
      so true, all educators should read this
    • Ruth Howard
      Thanks so much Tony it also looks like 'intuitive' flow will become the norm, pre-paving the way for mind transference, of course it's totally serendipitous of you to alert me to this site and I've also been meaning to look at John Seely Brown....if intuitive serendipitous learning does become validated as mainstream this surely is consciousness SHIFT. Then time wont be a problem! We will reach for the solutions and they will be here already. Yes I know its a bigger jump but it's a natural extension and one outcome I already see in my own life.

      mmm think I'll repost this on the site itself to show my appreciation. This has huge impact on learning but massive for society.
    "We are literally pushed into educational systems designed to anticipate our needs over twelve or more years of schooling and our key needs for skills over the rest of our lives. As we successfully complete this push program, we graduate into firms and other institutions that are organized around push approaches to resource mobilization. Detailed demand forecasts, operational plans, and operational process manuals carefully script the actions and specify the resources required to meet anticipated demand."
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