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Gerald Carey

Physion - Physics Simulation Software - 6 views

  • Physion is a 2D Physics simulation software. It can be used to easily create a wide range of interactive physics simulations and educational experiments. Teachers may find it particularly useful since it can be used as a virtual physics laboratory through which they can demonstrate some basic physics concepts in the classroom.
    Free download - very interactive. Now all I need to do is learn Physics!
Rhondda Powling

EIA Energy Kids - What Is Energy? - 4 views

    Energy Kids is a website produced by the US Energy Information Administration for the purpose of educating students about energy and its many forms. Energy Kids provides a wealth of easily accessible information about energy which students can use to play games, solve riddles, and take quizzes about energy. Some of the games students will find include Energy Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and riddles. Energy Kids also provides students of all ages with ideas and outlines for science fair projects around the energy theme. The science fair projects are available as free PDF downloads.
Lisa Dumicich

Exhibits Collection -- Amusement Park Physics - 0 views

    The designers of the roller coaster carefully crafted this thrilling ride to be just that, but you're actually in less danger than you think. You face a greater threat of injury playing sports or riding a bike than you do on a park ride. Amusement park rides use physics laws to simulate danger, while the rides themselves are typically very safe.
Bob Bartley

Science Experiments at Steve Spangler Science - 0 views

    A great site with some very cool experiments. Making Science fun!
Lynne Crowe

Magic Pen - 0 views

    Anyone teach physics, simple machines, levers, critical thinking, or creative thinking? Check out Magic Pen, draw objects and use physics to solve the puzzle.
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